Black and gold is the new orange

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The KTM 990 Super Duke and KTM 690 Duke are mechanically unaltered for 2011, but they do receive some ridiculously nice graphics. Black, white and gold, John Player would have been proud. As an interesting subtext, KTM’s boss Stefan Pierer called for more responsible advertising from the whole industry earlier this year (ie, no blatantly illegal riding), but the man responsible for green lighting the best motorcycle ad ever, doesn’t appear to want to stick by his own rules? I’d say this is about 11:30, right?

The 2011 KTM 690 Duke

The 2011 KTM 990 Super Duke

  • Beast Incarnate

    What a remarkable step apart from last year’s olive with a touch of oh-so-popular grunge. Bravo, KTM.

  • kidchampion

    Beautiful but they need to lose that little sheep’s head.

  • Bronson

    I’d love to park a Super Duke R next to my KTM motard in the garage, just not sure my license could handle two hooligan bikes!

  • pdub

    11:30, One O’clock, whichever way you look at I’d call it happy hour!

  • specialk

    Is the 690 R ever coming stateside? I thought we’d see it as a 2011…

  • roccopeterbilt

    Does the 690 Duke really run in the $10k range? That seems like an awful steep price for a big single. I can’t seem to find official prices, but a google yielded a bunch for sale in that ballpark.

  • ontheroad

    I worked with KTMs a few years ago and I have to say that the Dukes are some of the most enjoyable bikes for around-town commuting or backroad bombing that I’ve ever ridden, so much so that every time we uncrated one there was a good deal of jockeying for who would do the check ride. KTM nailed it with their street line, I’d love to see more of them on the street.

  • stratkat

    yeah its a shame, im on my third KTM an 07 SD.
    hade a 450SM and an LC4 SM. fantastic bikes if but you have to keep an eye on them all the time. there are hardly any others ive seen in the area, i try to promote them all the time.