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Assembled by someone with a fetish for late ‘70s 400cc Yamahas, the Snakecharmer uses the engine from an IT400, frame from a YZ400, front from an XS400 and the tank from an RD400. Less symmetrically, it combines a cafe racer look with street tracker intentions and a chopper approach to practicality with the meanest knight-fighting-a-snake art this side of a medieval gay bar. We like it because it’s at once less useful, yet more abused than any cafe conversion we’ve ever seen. The Icon team blew it up shooting this video.

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  • Sean

    Simply awesome.

  • Peter

    It’s always nice to start the week off with a new desktop image. I love it.

  • mugget

    It kinda looks like just a busted-ass piece of junk… but at the same time I can see the work in it and it’s just about one of the coolest bikes I’ve ever seen.

  • Case

    I am not a fan of icon, or stunting, but Ernie / Nick / Jason can ride the shit out of a motorcycle. Respect.

  • Bronson

    Damn, great video. I need a place like to play around in.