Custom: L’Ecurie K1300S

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Take one BMW K1300S and cover every surface in matte black paint or carbon fiber. Except the engine, inexplicably paint that red. Place in a dark photo studio and snap away. The result is a Ridley Scott-like fetishization of shape and form. Yeah, we’d still like to see the whole thing too.

L’Ecurie via Bike EXIF on Facebook

  • Mark D

    That photo shoot is missing chocolate-covered strawberries and Barry White.

  • Johndo


  • Ted

    See these photos look great… but anyone that ever had a Myspace page knows a little something about “The Angles”.

    Five will get you ten that when you pan out the ass is a lot fatter than it looks in the photos, the calves are a little chunky, and there’s a belly roll.

    A photoshoot like this screams daddy issues or an eating disorder.

    • Mark D

      I’ve always thought of the K1300s as a plump Bavarian hottie. Sure, she’s a little thick through the middle, and won’t turn heads like some 90 lb Italian model, but you probably have way more fun riding it!

  • seanslides

    When I saw the bright red motor, this is all I could think.

  • moby grape

    Two bucks a month for that? Just kidding…sort of.