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The surprising thing here isn’t that someone built a Tron: Legacy Lightcycle replica nor that they could, it’s that Playboy is going to put this bike on its cover. Essentially two incredibly wide hubless wheels connected by a hand-fabricated steel frame and powered by a Suzuki TL v-twin, fiberglass is then laid over all that to give it the futuristic look. Performance? Well, the first video should give you an idea of that.

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Parker Brothers Choppers, the soon-to-be reality TV stars behind this build, say it’s “street legal” but we’re going to keep quotes around that until we see that they didn’t just plate and insure the VIN off that TL motor.

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In this first build video, hailing from July, the brothers Parker describer their intent as they embark on the build. Perhaps tellingly, the extreme riding position is described as “similar to a sportbike’s” even though laying down on top of an engine in full superman flight-pose is anything but.

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Build update 2: you can see that the bodywork came before anything else.

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In this video, the “myth” that the Lightcycle won’t turn is incontrovertibly dispelled.

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This is the video most enthusiasts will be interested in, hubless wheels! As you can see the actual execution of the wheels is relatively simple, consisting of an outer rim that rotates on roller bearings mounted to an inner rim. Steel plates then reach around the wide tires, bolting on to that inner rim to connect it to the bike. There doesn’t appear to be any suspension front or rear.

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According to Autopia, there will be just 10 Lightcycles available at a cost of $55,000. Deliveries are scheduled to start in time for Tron: Legacy’s premier on 17 December.

The Parker Brothers have also made a custom Batpod, although the Batpod we featured was created by Chopper City USA.

Parker Brother Choppers via Autopia

  • Ben W

    It looked better before I saw it move. In that respect, it’s similar to oh-so-many cruisers.

    I don’t doubt that’s how a true pirate sees the power ranger riding position, though. So, they’re being honest, just wrong.

  • je

    I don’t like the flat spot look the wheels have because of the body work. I do like hub less wheels though, just couldn’t save this build.

    • je

      One other thing… It’s not electric, come on now thats a must for a tron bike.

      • Mark D

        Making that bike ICE is like sticking a flathead Ford V8 in a model of the Enterprise.

        • pinkyracer

          EXACTLY!!! This is what happens when cavemen decide to go all futuristic. Fail.

  • Glenngineer

    How are they getting power to the rear wheel? I’m guessing something acting directly on the tire, under the body work.

    • Wes Siler

      I was looking for that too. Most hubless wheels have like a giant, rim-sized sprocket on the outside of one side of the rear wheel, but I don’t see that, or any other drive mechanism here. Must be a friction drive on the rear wheel.

      • Andy Keech

        well, if the burnouts on this bike are only going to be under the body, i don’t know why on earth someone would buy it with that insane price-tag; pissing money away in huge smoke shows everywhere you go would be the only way to make riding this thing look cool.

  • pinkyracer

    So they built it for Shaq? Why are they letting all these short people embarrass themselves trying to ride it?

  • Case

    They built an ill-handling, unrideable monstrosity? A job at OCC and/or tv show must be just around the corner. Not that they could get there on one of their bikes. (See what I did there? Because the bikes don’t turn! HONK!) I need to get out more.

  • Alex

    Judging by the giant cliche that shop appears to be, i.e. skulls, gothic lettering, shitty late 80′s metal, I wouldn’t even think these guys would know what Tron is.
    I do think that from an aesthetic point it’s not that bad, but someone could have done it better, I see an electric drive as working much better that what they’ve created. Maybe Apple could make one.

    Lets just hope these guys don’t funk up the Akira bike, that one’s for me.

    • Alex

      And how the hell does it stop?

      • Grive


  • slowestGSXRever

    I gotta say, it does look really good (other than where the articulated front piece meets the rest of the body, that’s kinda lame. But it does look cool. Needs more cliche, I predict massive quantities of LED lights in the near future.

  • Emmet

    I applaud their effort at attempting a unique design, but they should not be marketing it as a street legal motorcycle. You couldn’t ride that thing over 3mph. There are cheaper, more convenient ways to kill yourself.

    • Grive

      I’m mostly worried about their hubless design. It doesn’t seme like it’s designed with any kind of speed or durability in mind. I’m seeing straight bearings with central guides in the hub. That won’t be pretty. Couldn’t they go with some angular contact or tapered bearings?

      • Grive

        PD – I’m not quite sure “unique” is an appropiate word to describe a tron lightcycle replica.

  • dan

    Looked like they had fun making it, but its a bit of a monster. I agree that it should be Electric as well. Also, can you imagine changing a flat tire on it?

  • seanslides

    Well that’s just too bad. It looks like it’s about 30% too big everywhere and maybe 40% too wide. And if that’s not a perfect application for an electric motor, I don’t know what is. That thing is all fail.

  • Ray

    Looks like it might function as a drag bike, but HEAVY. I’d like to see it run flat out though.

  • mugget

    I wanna see some real world knee-down Tron-cycle action!