Custom: Yoshimura GSX-R1000 endurance racer

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This is the Yoshimura Suzuki GSX-R1000 K9 endurance racer that won the Suzuka 8 Hours last year and placed sixth this year. It’s rare to see a purpose-built race bike treated to the full photo studio treatment, but what you’re seeing here aren’t actually photographs, but hyper-realistic 3D computer renderings created from the original bike. Every detail is accurate, including the paddock stand bobbins anodized red on the right side and green on the left. The renderings even capture the texture of the carbon fiber engine covers and the Yoshimura logo embossed on the tank.

Blue Moon Studios via Racing Cafe

  • Mark D

    The green-red bobbins are backwards, from a nautical perspective.

    Those tires are also wacky looking! I’m assuming they are specially designed for this type of endurance racing?

    • Turf

      You are aware that it’s not sea worthy right?

      • Mark D

        All aboard the SS Yoshimura!

    • cookey

      those tyres are wets

      • Turf

        holy shit it is a boat!

  • Turf

    I’m generally not a suzuki fan,that said i’d stab my grandmother in front of my family for this though.

    • cookey

      I’m with you on that, i’d stab your grandmother in front of your family for this

      • Turf

        I’ve got two, which one ya want?

        • cookey

          the weakest, hope suzuki have two

          • Turf

            Sold, Wes ya got any suzuki contacts so we can inquire if they’d be up for some grandmother stabbing antics for trade?

  • Case

    I’m loving this super hard. I think it’s beautiful. Remember that thoughtful post a few days ago about repli-racer sportbikes and how ridiculous they are? Yeah me either.

    What’s up with the wet tires? Do they run those for the full race, or what?

    • Turf

      Na they just look cooler

  • Tony

    Wow… It looks like a super Japanese 999 :)

  • mugget

    Nice! I will get my hands on a headlight cover like that so I can have an endurance style light on my Gixxer, just gotta find where to get the cover!

    Also is it a bit weird that the exhaust exit at different heights…?

    Yoshimura tank is da bomb. Just what you need to pull more distance between stops when touring…

  • David Edwards

    What I just wrote about sportbikes notwithstanding, I have a street-going one of these in a Hamamatsu minute…

  • Michael

    The red and green bits are on the wrong side. Port, left, red. Still though………hot.