EICMA 2010: live photo mega-gallery

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2010 is a weird year for Milan’s EICMA motorcycle show. The Italians are building a cruiser while the British are busy copying the Germans. One Italian company forgot what beauty was and the other reminded everyone that Italy makes the most beautiful bikes in the world. Honda’s gone hyper-niche, Husqvarna’s building silly concepts and BMW’s making scooters. We dispatched our moped-building buddy Dan Kastner to bring you these  live photos from the show floor.

In case you missed any of it, you can find coverage of every new model released at the show on our EICMA tag page.

  • Glenngineer

    Amazingly enough, the Diavel looked kind of cool in a couple of those shots.

    The Crosstour looked better…but still a disaster.

  • Turf

    that F3 gets better looking everytime i look at it

  • gregorbean

    My thoughts:

    The Diavel looks like a giant turd wrapped in carbon.

    Pic 38 is fantastic, can someone elaborate on what we’re seeing there?

    And Pic 11, golly gee-whiz, I’d like to test ride all three of those models! Hiyoooooooo!

    • gregorbean

      I should say I recognize them as Triumphs in 38, but who’s customs are they?

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

        I’m curios too, they look good.

    • David

      looks like a triumph custom from TpR:

      • gregorbean

        Thanks! Never heard of them before. They’re making some really cool stuff! I like that r80 and I’ve definitely never seen anyone put the flying brick into anything like their “bulldog.” Those scramblers sure look fun, wonder how their pricing is in Italy (probably astronomical) compared to what Hammarhead is doing here in the states.

  • Ed

    Three points:
    1) If you build a bike that looks like the F3, you don’t need a girl to stand next to it.
    2) The cutaway Brammo is very cool, looks like the inside of my daughters Nintendo DS.
    That Transalp looks great. Why the heck isn’t Honda selling it here? Look how bored the model looks on the Honda crossthingy and compare.

  • BMW11GS

    The model sitting on the Honda V4 adventure betrays her disappointment with such a off-road behemoth far too readily with her frown. Who hired the die-hard VFR800 fan to model the new one?

  • scott

    Where are the S3 shots?

  • slowestGSXRever

    Dear Santa,
    Please bring me a brammo empulse for Christmas.

  • wwalkersd

    Now that we can only see them by subscription, isn’t it time your galleries got captions on the photos so we know what we’re looking at? In some cases it’s obvious to those who’ve been paying attention, but not in all.

  • Cajun58

    Mmmmm pretty Italian ladies…