Electricity is the future of police bikes

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Look at the advantages and limitations of current electric motorcycle technology and you’re left with products that, while neat and functional, can’t form an only-bike solution for today’s street consumer. But, there is one specific audience that could benefit enormously from advantages like near-silent operation and the positive image of emitting zero pollutants while not finding the limitations, well, limiting: urban and suburban police forces. Enter the ATK-LE, electric street and dirt bikes specifically tailored to the needs of law enforcement.

While bikes with a top speed of 75mph and a 100-mile range won’t be ideal for highway patrol duties, they’d be far better than even a Concours 14, R1200RTP or even the crappy little scooters the NYPD rides for in-town traffic enforcement and patrol. Possessing the footprint of a mountain bike and the performance of a motocrosser, these electric bikes could also be perfect for crowd control, where they’d project a positive, friendly image while enabling officers to run down pretty much anyone or anything on tight streets or off-road. We hate to think of the potential misuse that allegedly quota-focussed, potentially constitution-violating departments like New York’s 81st precinct could use this for, but the stealth-like ability of electric bikes could also be a major selling point.

Based in Utah, ATK is also an American manufacturer, a key requirement for the fleet purchases of many departments.

Understanding the market, ATK also plans to integrate the kind of gadgets that today’s police officers need: GPS, true-image mirrors, LED light bars, sirens, on-board cameras and audio recorders, integrated storage and even a 12v accessories plug.

Below, you’ll find a video of ATK’s electric prototype in action and you’ll find specs and much more at Plugbike.

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  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

    Just whose side are you guys on, anyways?! :)

  • kidchampion

    This could make the sequel to the Wildout Wheelie Boyz documentary much more interesting.

  • robotribe

    Anything’s better than those cop Segways; or worse yet, those fake versions with the 3rd wheel.

    • ridingdirtymaui

      Our police force at my building is going to get one of those 3 wheel suckers. LAME… and super expensive! Waste of taxpayers’ money…

  • seanslides

    This is awesome news! That’s better than a cop on a harley!

  • Bald Shaun

    This would be a great way to apply the technology now and keep it developing until it’s more suited for mass consumer use. Bikes could be manufactured in the U.S. Could probably get subsidized for using green technologies. Win-Win. And its gotta beat the hell out of the trying to hustle a 8′, 900lb Harley through congested city traffic.

  • pplassm

    If they’re really getting 100 miles out of that thing, screw the cops. I want one.

  • madisonsuicide

    Does this mean cops will park right smack in front of the doors to a store even longer now as they recharge their batteries?