Honda Crosstourer Concept: V4 adventure

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This is the model Honda’s been teasing with all those sketches of a mid-capacity “crossover.” The Honda Crosstourer Concept uses a smaller version of Shamu’s 1200cc V4, shaft drive and Honda says it’s been designed to offer the performance of a naked bike with the comfort and practicality of an adventure tourer. We’re disturbed between the similarity in name between this and the Accord Crosstour, AKA the ugliest car ever made.

Update: this may be the 1,200cc concept GS-competitor, while the 800cc production model remains un-leaked. For now.


  • robotribe

    Honda: Our whale can wear a beak too.

    • MikeD

      SO…since it has a beak/horn should we call this one “NARWHAL” to keep the Whale theme going on?
      Im pretty sure if we keep at it Honda is going to patent and trademark “SHAMU” for good.

      • Random

        LOL… The NARWAL is currently available in orca black/white and in “gray whale” gray. :)

  • ike6116

    I dunno, I like the look of this bike I just doubt Ill like the sticker very much.

    • MikeD

      Feeling the same vibe here. OH well, there’s always the used market for broke people like me.

  • jpenney

    At least they are ripping off the V-strom instead of the GS line. Though I guess they did add a beak.

    • MikeD

      If this makes Suzuki get off their collective asses and refresh the STROM im all for it(ripping or not).

  • markbvt

    19″ wheel and spokes. I’m surprised. Maybe it won’t be as useless as I thought. Of course, they’ll never bring it to the US regardless…

  • nataku83

    Hrmm – I’ll go against the grain and say this is a bike I could get excited about (800cc version, anyway). It’s just a shame that it’ll carry Honda’s price premium, but maybe I can pickup a used one in 5 years.

  • david folch

    So this is an in-between 800 Transalp and the 1000 Varadero… combining the few HP from the first and the weight (whale look) from the second ?
    try again… (even if I like the spoke wheels and shaft drive…)

  • Glenngineer

    Probably a bloated bike with a bloated price tag that doesn’t beat anyone else’s offerings in any capacity.

    And I like the Accord Crosstour.

    • Glenngineer

      Holy shit never mind, I thought the Accord Crosstour was something else.

      • MikeD

        Glad u came to ur Senses.That IS INDEED an FUGLY car.

  • stratkat

    i gotta tell ya ive had it with Honda. every year i wait to get excited and they keep dropping the ball. why cant they give us a nice V4 sport bike??? or a naked? KTM has had my vote for years and i guess ill be keeping my Super Duke for a long time.

    • MikeD

      Is not their “THING”…LOL.

  • stratkat

    …i guess people all over are clamoring for these beaky hybrid things because everyone is making one it seems.

    • MikeD

      According to the Stars&Planets Alignment to the Sun and the Fluorescent Orange/Green Color of the last Full Moon i predict:

      DualSport Tourers will be the next big thing on Motorcycling for the next 10years.LOL.

  • seanslides

    A V4 has absolutely no business anywhere near dirt. Retarded.

    • david folch

      I totally agree.

      • david folch

        well… maybe if that V4 was a 650cc… (ahahaha)