Honda Mid Concept: don’t call it a DN-01

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According to the official material, the Honda Mid Concept combines the feet-forward riding position of a scooter with the “energetic riding sensation of a motorcycle.” It’s got 17-inch wheels, a dual-clutch transmission and a Pro-Link rear shock. Honda says the, “New Mid Concept reinvents the way we look at two wheeled travel.” Hmmm, where have we heard that before?

  • UrbanRider

    Yawn. Red vs. Blue, Honda v BMW, Man U v Chelsea, Labour v Conservative. Yawn.

  • Beast Incarnate

    It has a much better chance than the DN01 ever did, that’s for sure. Maybe not a great chance, but better.

  • Beale

    Tell me why I want my feet out in front of me again, please?

    • Les

      Because some marketing squid did some random survey in a mall and this is the result.

      I’m starting to think maybe i’ve just been confused all my life and i don’t really like motorcycles.

      *searches ebay for classic cb750s to blow off the last 10 years of honda crap from his head.

      • david folch

        Maybe it’s not about the “feet forward” like they say, but about the ability to move your legs from a position to another while riding long distance. This make better sense to me than the “feet forward” idea that look too similar to hairy bikers on their HD…
        I’m just sad it’s far away from a new Pacific Coast (one of the greatest Honda for comfort and trunk capacity)…

    • The Lawyer


  • JimSmiffy

    You know what DN01 stands for in the dealer world right?? Do Not Order 1. B/c it will sit on the showroom floor in perpetuity.

    • swfcpilot

      I think my dealer only sold 3 of them, and one was the demo.

    • MisterGone

      Our model is marked down $3,500 and we’ve had it since the original release. Honda has completely lost their way.

    • telekom

      Honda Marketing Man: So why do you want to call it the DN01?
      Honda Designer: Sales figures.
      Honda Marketing Man: How many do you think we can sell?
      Honda Designer: Dunno…1 ?

  • swfcpilot

    At least they finally put all that crap in a scooter body where it belongs. Now put some 14″ wheels back on it for the darty in-town handling that’s good on a scooteer and they have a winner!

  • andehans

    If only this was the production version of the 2003 Griffon concept.

  • seanslides

    Wow. Kawasaki wheels and a GSXR1000 headlight. On a scooter? Someone’s been slipping designers LSD.

  • DoctorNine

    They should name it the CrossMidTour XTL.
    What America Is Told It Needs! Now By Honda!
    Great Happiness!!!

    Now where the heck is my CB1100?
    Sons O’ Beaches…

    Oh yeah. I have been told I don’t want that.
    I want THIS!