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Honda have pushed the Fury as their first factory “custom,” indicating that even they have forgotten about Solo, their cheery, stylish, around-town leisure bike, pioneering the raw factory custom look and no less than 285 customization options.

The moped bobber was launched in 2003, as the fourth model to come out of Honda’s “N project,” which was dedicated to developing products to appeal to new and younger customers. Zoomer, Bite and Ape also came out of this project.

Contrasting the 1312cc V-twin, 663lbs (300kg) Fury, the 160lbs (73kg) Solo sports the 50cc four-stroke from the Super Cub and a distinct Harley-Davidson Hummer look.

Or as Honda puts it themselves:

Styling that emphasize the rider’s individuality

The newly designed backbone frame is fitted with a slender tank and complimented by a single suspension and large saddle seat. A long wheelbase of 1,205mm and slim, large-diameter 18-inch wheels bring the package together in a neat, individualized style, giving the bike a distinctive silhouette.

For a small premium customers could choose any of the 285 possible combinations of six tank and frame colors, black/silver or white lamps and fenders, brown or black seat and hand grips, and finally handlebars and engine crankcases in silver paint or buffed chrome plating.

Honda never reached their aim of producing 4-5,000 Solo mopeds a year, but as far as we know it remained in their Japanese line-up until 2006.

  • UrbanRider

    The word that springs to mind is ‘charming’. It looks great but if its the same motor as the Zoomer will be dog slow.

    From Zoomer owners I have met, the de-restriction kit only gives you an extra 5mph or so. In truth it’s dangerously slow for town.

    I do like it though, a lot. Shame they never gave it a go in the UK.

    • Ivar Kvadsheim

      3.5 hp, 3.8 Nm is a bit down on the Fury, but not too far off on the hp/weight ratio :)

      • Wes Siler

        Someone should run the HP/Weight ratio on the two.

  • dan

    Whoa, I love it! Did they ever make it to the US?

    • Peter

      Dunno, but I want one bad. See if you can import them Dan.

  • Mark D

    Cute little bike, but if any bike needs a pillion seat, its this guy!

  • motoguru

    We never get the goo stuff here :(

    • motoguru

      ga ga goo goo.

  • Johndo

    Nice concept!

  • Cajun58

    It’s a Honda Madass. Throw the BBR catalogue at it for even more fun. I agree we never get the good stuff. Tusen takk Ivar!

  • Mdynamic

    A 125 in this would be cool. But I love the way this looks!

  • gkanai

    Did Yamaha USA ever bring in the Tricker?

    Great city bike.

  • DougD

    Think it looks pretty ridiculous. Looks like the mid-section is hunched over, wheezing on some bad sake. Only redeeming quality is that it uses the 50cc Super Cub engine.

  • Cajun58

    The Super Cub had a push rod engine this is an OHC motor.

    • Ivar Kvadsheim

      Correct, it had a push rod engine – until 1967, when it changed to OHC

  • wwalkersd

    Love the Vincent-style rear suspension.