Let’s play, “Where’s HFL?”!

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You may have noticed that, for the last couple of days, we’ve been hiding small versions of our sheep skull logo in some of our photographs. We were doing that because we wanted to create a fun game for our readers. Because just about every other motorcycle publication on the Internet rips its content directly from HFL, these logos were scattered far and wide and now you can win fabulous prizes if you find them!

Update: we have a winner!

Update 2: Ultimate Motorcycling AND Motorcycle.com have joined in the fun!

Update (cont’d): we have a winner in the contest, but we’ll leave it open indefinitely. Anyone first to find an HFL watermark outside of the examples listed below will also win a set of stickers. That’s the first for each new example of another publication ripping us off.

This works just like Where’s Waldo? Scour the images in the gallery below and note the precise location of each HFL logo. Put your answers in comments and the first person to name them all correctly wins their choice of either a Bell Moto-8 or Bell Custom 500 helmet in size Large plus (and this is the real prize) a set of limited edition HFL stickers! Comments are time stamped, so the earliest one with the complete list of HFL logo locations wins. There’s 32 photos in the gallery, you need to list the location of the HFL logo in each.

That sticker set will include one of these “Where’s HFL?” stickers, as well as one of our sheep skull logo.

While you’re playing, let’s take a look at each of the publications that’s ripped us off in the last few days. We’ve only included publications who did so without specifically citing Hell For Leather as their source.


Oh they of the speculative URL purchasing in the early ’90s. All other web publishers look upon Motorcycle.com and weep! A couple weeks back, when all that ZX-10R hullabaloo was going on, Kawasaki told us that we weren’t nearly as important as Motorcycle.com and never would be! But, manufacturer favoritism hasn’t stopped them from turning to HFL for their content!

Ultimate Motorcycling

Formerly called Robb Report, Ultimate brags about having the highest web traffic of any print motorcycle magazine in the US, but their record traffic is less than half that of an average month on HFL! Ultimate Copying is a late addition to our little game, but just like the print magazine mantra, better late than never!


One of the largest car publications in the world, we were a bit worried that we’d be unable to include a hidden HFL logo on its pages since we’d previously reached out to several members of their staff, who happen to be friends of ours, to ask them to stop ripping us off. Luckily, that didn’t do any good. Adding to the good fortune, it appears as if Autoblog also “borrowed” our numbers for its article. See where it says the Honda CBR250R has 17lb/ft of torque and the Ninja 250 16? Kawasaki’s official number is actually 16.23 and Honda’s is 16.80, within 6/10ths of a single digit to each other. We did some creative rounding which skewed the numbers in the Honda’s favored and Autoblog copied that too!


We never realized we had such a large following in Scandinavia. Luckily, thanks to a tip from Ivar (who’s Norwegian), we realized it would be possible to extend this game as far as Sweden! Alltom is Sweden’s largest motorcycle magazine and, it turns out, that nearly all of their web content is re-purposed straight from HFL!


Not wanting to let Sweden dominate this game all by itself, the plucky Norwegians at Bikeport.no also devote a significant portion of their web content to material creatively copied from HFL. Hvor er HFL?!

Canadian Motorcycle Guide

Man, we get around. The guys at CMG are our buddies too and, like Autoblog, should know better, but that doesn’t stop them from pulling their pictures straight off our site!

Inline Performance

We’re not sure where Inline Performance is from, but they sure love them some HFL content! Nearly all of their news comes from here, but can you find the HFL logo on this shot of the Tuono?!


Ok, this one’s a little easy, but it should get you started. Luxist is a blog about expensive things that gets its content for free. Five-finger discount!


A cease and desist from our big, scary lawyer didn’t keep MBike out of the game, like Inline Performance they appear to be a scraper blog specifically devoted to copying us! How flattering! We especially like it when they whore for traffic on Reddit using our content!


Man, we hope our popularity in Scandinavia translates to hot blondes, everyone there loves our content! Ivar tells us his fellow countrymen are the right-wing bike publication in the land of fjords.


Another site we were worried wouldn’t be able to play the game since we have a good working relationship with them and MCN’s senior editor, Guy Procter, actually placed second in the Scar Off! Britain’s biggest bike publication must have really wanted to enter what was then our secret contest, because we actually emailed them non-watermarked versions of these shots, but they still chose to take HFL logo versions without linking anyways!


Another one that’s way too easy, just like pulling your content from HFL apparently!


Visordown likes to make fun of us for not being boring and badly written, but looks like the jokes on them this time!

Asphalt and Rubber

Last but not least is this Hell For Leather fan site! We say “fan site” because we can only  assume that trying as hard as AsRub does to fill its entire site with content that attempts to mimic our voice, story selection and style must be some kind of misguided tribute! We’d be more flattered if it wasn’t such a poor imitation! We actually came up with this contest just to play with AsRub and needn’t have worried that they wouldn’t want to play, just about everything they do comes from here!

We’re sure there’s plenty more hidden HFL logos out there. Anyone finding one hidden on a site not mentioned above and that doesn’t cite us as the source for their article will win limited-edition Hell For Leather stickers too! Just post a link and screen cap in comments!

For a time, we considered running this as a serious article highlighting the laziness and lack of respect for their readers that copying content from Hell For Leather suggests in the offending publications. That we were able to do this with press shots, which are freely available from manufacturers to any journalist, and not original photography, just underscores that laziness; instead of going to the original source, all the above publications came to us. Perhaps more worrying are the repercussions that this blatant imitation has for the quality of journalism at the above publications. Sure, Hell For Leather goes to great lengths to ensure that our premium content is factual, but if these publications are copying us, could they also be copying from sources that aren’t so good? If these publications would at least cite their sources then their readers could be directed to original content. Repeating is not reporting.

But, we figured a game would be more fun. So this is your chance to prove that you’re more observant than a motorcycle “journalist.” Where’s HFL?

  • http://www.cheapcycleparts.com vigor

    this is so much win!!! when i saw them, i knew this was coming, hehe. it also made me want some HFL stickers for my bikes and tool box.

    • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

      +1 on the stickers!

  • Ray

    Thought you guys need to name the sheep, or at least let us in on it. Maybe a naming contest too.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Sure, ideas on a name?

      • MrPerformance


      • http://bigassmessage.com/39b51 vic


        or maybe jasper

        • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

          Horny? cuz.. you know.. it has horns..

      • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D


      • MajorTom

        Following this thread’s news story, how about “Dolly?”


        It seems to get “cloned” enough around the interweb…

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

          Ha, I like that one!

          • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

            I think another poll may be in order?

  • http://bolty.net Stacy

    This is fantastic.

    Now, if you could write a few words about the evils of hotlinking…

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Haha fun stuff.

    I would have liked to see their faces when they realized (if they have yet?) that there’s the HFL logo hidden in those pictures.

  • 2ndderivative

    Got till number 10, then remembered I’m still at work.

    I predict no shame and continued stealing. Shouldn’t stop you guys from givin’ em hell (for leather).

  • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ andehans

    haha. brilliant.

    1) Front fender
    2) Between the forks, under headlight
    3) Front fender
    4) Chin-spoiler, below radiator
    5) Bottom of fairing behind front wheel
    6) Same as above
    7) Small, black part of fairing, by the cylinder head
    8) Same as above
    9) Rear panel, by dakar sticker
    10) Front fender
    11) Bottom of fairing behind front wheel
    12) Above the license plate
    13) Couldn’t find it..
    14) Air intake by tank
    15) Rear wheel?
    16) Between the forks, under headlight
    17) Side panel
    18) Below read damper on the black panel
    19) Above front indicator on black panel
    20) On black part, below rear sub-frame
    21) Front fender
    22) Between the forks, under headlight
    23) Small, black part of fairing, by the cylinder head
    24) Chin-spoiler
    25) Front fender
    26) Left side of radiator
    27) On black panel, in front of indicator
    28) Front fender
    29) Headlight? I don’t know …
    31) That’s hard. Rear wheel? Can’t find it :(
    32) Chin-spoiler


    • http://bigassmessage.com/39b51 vic

      dude you are a tornado
      31) it’s under the frame just above the round thing.
      It’s Siler’s fault for embedding such a crappy screenshot but you can see it in the original image,unless you have one of those glossy macfag screens

      ps:i never knew Rain man had kids

      • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ andehans

        Damn, I missed that one…

        ps: i’m usually not like this.

    • slowtire

      I saw one in a front shot of a bike a few days ago, on the tire tread. Thought it looked odd. Now I know, but can’t remember which bike it was.

      • slowtire

        ahhh, found it. It’s on the RC8 in the KTM leak article. On the front and back tires.

  • Random

    Guys, your content is running rampant down the equator too.


    That’s the site of a major brazilian bike publication/printed magazine. I’ve seen your logo on other local sites too. Even seen it in a printed magazine (not this one)!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Nice! Email us your address to info@ and we’ll send you some stickers.

  • CafeRacer8509001200

    I’ll never get the hole shot into turn one at Mid-Ohio and I’ll never be the first to find all of the logos.

    My answer is that HFL is in my heart and my right wrist. None of these other sites could ever steal those spots.

  • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk UrbanRider

    The world is full of lazy people. I knew this kind of thing went on but this is rife!!

  • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

    shit.. i was going SO FAST.. anyhoo here goes my list:
    1. tuono front – on the left mudguard “stem”

    2. tuono right – Aprilia Tuono – on the oil cooler between the forks.

    3. tuono left side – on the front mudguard

    4. tuono 3/4 left side – on the belly pan gravel guard thing, hahah.

    5. CBR250R – front black gravel guard – whatever its called (bonus – i think they also bit the BMW CONCEPT C post)

    6. tCBR250R – front black gravel guard – whatever its called … arghh..

    7. MV agusta – right side – to the right of the exposed part of the tubular framework on that grey plastic part

    8 again – same picture – MV Agusta right side: again to the right of the exposed part of the tubular framework on that grey plastic part

    9. KTM 990 Dakar – on the guard to the right of the dakar logo.

    10. KTM RC8 on the mudguard front

    11. MV Agusta – below the oil cooler to the left of the brembo brakes.

    12. Mv Agusta – right rear view mirror

    13. MV Agusta 3/4 view left side – on what looks like a chain guard of sorts.

    14. Ducati Diavel – 3/4 back right side – on the air intake pretty huge. what tools (obvs. not you guys, but them)

    15. Honda V4 crossover – above the gearbox (again ?) in the little black triangle.

    16. Aprilia Tuono – on the oil cooler between the forks.

    17. MV Agusta F3 – on the little box behind the gearbox. AND of course ON THE SECOND FOTO: below the gas tank

    18. BMW Concept C – underneath the rear shock.

    19. moto guzzi norge : to the left below the headlight on that black part above the forks.

    20. moto guzzi stelvio: to the right above the monoshock on that little black triangle

    21. Aprilia Tuono – on the front mudguard

    22. Aprilia Tuono – on the oil cooler between the forks.

    23. mv agusta right side: right side – to the right of the exposed part of the tubular framework on that grey plastic part

    24. Ducati Diavel – on the lower belly pan freaking piece I cant remember the name of right now front guard thing.

    25. Aprilia Tuono – on the front mudguard

    26. Triumph Tiger – on the guard of the front red motorcycle

    27. GS 650 GS – to the left of the blinker light.

    28. KTM 990 Dakar – on the mudguard/fork guard.

    29. MV Agusta 3/4 view dark: MV Agusta – below the oil cooler to the left of the brembo brakes. same as 11?!

    30. mv agusta right side: again to the right of the exposed part of the tubular framework on that grey plastic part

    31. Honda V4 crossover – above the gearbox in the little black triangle.

    32. Ducati Diavel – on the lower belly pan freaking piece I cant remember the name of right now front guard thing again.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray


      bzr, I know you got caught up trying to register, but you still missed the double logo on number 17. (We’re sneaky like that.)

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

        Oh, holdingfast please email us details to info@… and we’ll get you’re stickers made and sent out.

      • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

        YES! This is VERY cool! thanks for staging this contest and I’m VERY excited!

  • bzr

    1. left front shock cover
    2. upper radiator corner
    3. front fender
    4. lower radiator cover
    5. lower chin guard
    6. lower chin guard
    7. carbon fiber frame guard
    8. carbon fiber frame guard
    9. rear muffler guard, by DAKAR logo
    10. front fender
    11. below radiator
    12. right mirror, upper corner
    13. rear chain guide
    14. right air intake
    15. above crankcase cover
    16. upper radiator corner
    17. lower left corner, underneath the tank
    18. underneath the rear shock
    19. above turn signal
    20. Rear fender, under seat
    21. front fender
    22. upper radiator corner
    23. carbon fiber frame guard
    24. Lower chin guard
    25. front fender
    26. left radiator guard
    27. in front of turn signal
    28. front fender
    29. above crankcase cover
    30. carbon fiber frame guard
    31. lower chin guard

    Oh, and if I’m late/go blind from peering into my laptop screen as a result, I’m blaming WordPress.

  • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

    what an embarrassment the above list is in terms of.. terms and names or even eloquence, but even though i was about to go to bed, I got a lil eager to finish’er fast. geez.
    forgive me motorcycle gods (and fellow HFL’ers).

    • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

      @bzr – i meant my list not yours when I wrote “the above list..” of course

      • bzr

        It’s all good, but if you beat me by three minutes, you’ll never hear the end of it…

        • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

          thank god it wasn’t only the 3 minutes ;)

  • mluddyjr

    In case andehans missed any:

    1. A&R Tuono- front fender
    2. A&R Tuono- radiator
    3. A&R Tuono- front fender
    4. A&R Tuono- ‘chin’ fairing, behind front wheel
    5. Autoblog CBR- ‘chin’ fairing
    6. Autoblog CBR- ‘chin’ fairing
    7. MCN F3- side fairing, in the black section
    8. MCN F3- side fairing, in the black section
    9. MCN KTM- number plate, in front of ‘Dakar’ logo
    10. Motoblog.it RC8R- front fender
    11. Motoblog.it F3- lower fairing below radiator
    12. Visordown F3- right mirror
    13. Visordown F3- chain guard in front of rear sprockeet
    14. Visordown Diavel- side fairing/radiator shroud. Below handlebars
    15. Visordown V4 Crossover- side of engine case, in the black section
    16. Visordown Tuono- top of the radiator
    17. Bikeport.no F3- there are two pictures here, the first is on the black box above the engine and the second is on the side of the bodywork below the fuel tank.
    18. CMGonline BMW- Below rear shock, in front of footpeg
    19. CMGonline Norge- black plastic above the front turn signal
    20. CMGonline Stelvio- undertray below seat
    21. CMGonline Tuono- front fender
    22. Inlineperformancemag Tuono- radiator
    23. Inlineperformancemag F3- side fairing, black section
    24. Luxist Diavel- lower fairing, below front header
    25. Mbike Tuono- front fender
    26. MC Avisa Tiger 800- side of radiator shroud
    27. Alltom MC BMW G650GS- in front of front turn signal
    28. Alltom MC KTM- front fender
    29. Asphalt and Rubber F3- ‘chin’ fairing below radiator
    30. Alltom MC F3- black section of side fairing
    31. Alltom MC Honda Crossover- engine case, black section
    32. Alltom MC Diavel- lower fairing, below exhaust header.

    • http://www.cheapcycleparts.com vigor

      dammit… 15, 31 got me… good eye, good eye.

      • mluddyjr

        15 and 31 really weren’t visible from the pictures in the gallery. I had to go back to the feature on HFL and zoom in on the original picture to find it. Even now that I know where it is it’s almost impossible to make it out from the photos in the gallery for this article.

        29 was probably the worst. It’s easy to find if you zoom in on the original picture from HFL, but in the gallery for this article it’s just a small black smudge.

        Completing this list was a fair amount of work. I think HFL should send consolation stickers to all of us who found the logos. Maybe we can reverse the game- we put the stickers somewhere on our bikes and send in a picture, then they have to scour the images to find the HFL stickers.

  • http://www.cheapcycleparts.com vigor

    So I don’t feel like i just wasted an hour…

    right/left as sitting on bike (like OEM microfiche)

    1. front fender – right side
    2. radiator – upper left corner
    3. front fender – left side
    4. lower cowling – center – below radiator
    5. lower cowling – center – below exhaust
    6. lower cowling – center – below exhaust
    7. under cowling (black) – behind cowling vent
    8. under cowling (black) – behind cowling vent
    9. rear side (exhaust) cover – right side
    10. front fender – right side
    11. lower cowling – center – below radiator
    12. rear view mirror – right side
    13. chain tensor(?) – left side – dirrectly in front of rearsprocket
    14. intake cover, upper – right side
    15. rear disk cover(?)
    16. radiator – upper left corner
    17. Black plastic cover above engine cover – right side & side cover – right side – below gas tank
    18. rear under cowling – below left rear shock
    19. lower cowling – infront of vent – right side
    20. lower rear fender – below sub frame rail – left side
    21. front fender – left side
    22. radiator – upper left corner
    23. under cowling (black) – behind cowling vent
    24. under cowling – below front header – right side
    25. front fender – left side
    26. radiator cover – right side
    27. headlight housing/intake – next to left turn signal
    28. front fender – left side
    29. lower cowling – center – below radiator
    30. under cowling (black) – behind cowling vent
    31. rear disk cover(?)
    32. under cowling – below front header – right side

  • nicktp

    I wouldn’t see it anywhere else really, as this is the only moto site I read. I see your content on wired from time to time, but they always provide proper links back to Hf(F’ing)L. That’s how I found this site in the first place, come to think of it. Thanks wired!

  • http://www.smartcycleshopper.com/motorcycle-reviews/2011-harley-davidson-forty-eight-review/ DougD

    1. Right down fork, on the front fender
    2. radiator, upper right corner if facing the cycle head on
    3. front fender again, just over the orange pin striping
    4. just below the radiator, on some sort of engine guard; appears in a shadow of the front wheel
    5. same kind of location as No. 4, on a guard that protect engine/muffler
    6. exact photo as No. 5
    7. On the F3, on the front fender again, in line with the diameter of rim, just across where the top portion of USD fork ends
    8. Just above one of the pistons, on a plastic guard that covers a portion of the trellis frame
    9. Plastic guard covering the muffler, just to the right of the Dakar logo
    10. Another w/ logo the front fender, in line with the rim diameter
    11. just below the radiator, on an engine guard; appears just outside a shadow of the front wheel
    12. right side mirror, right-most portion of mirror
    13. no idea what part this is, but rear wheel, some piece of plastic, maybe it’s a sprocket guard? logo is very close to the rear wheel support dealy-o
    14. BIG, on air intake cover, just below right handlebar
    15. on the engine, the gray/gold crankcase cover
    16. radiator, upper right corner if facing the cycle head on, same as No. 2
    17. bottom photo of MV, on red piece of plastic just below the fuel tank, where rider’s right knee would maybe touch cycle
    18. on a bulkish piece of plastic that might be covering a portion of the swingarm, down about 2 inches and right two inches from a white coil spring
    19. piece of black plastic/metal, just below the headlight, a brake line snakes up from the front caliper to this black component
    20. on some piece of black metal/plastic just below the subframe and rear of the driver’s seat
    21. front fender, in line with the orange pin stripe on the front tire
    22. on the right breast of one of the Lesbos in the ad at right? Wait, no, radiator, upper right corner if facing the cycle head on, same as No. 2
    23. same as No. 8, Just above one of the pistons, on a plastic guard that covers a portion of the trellis frame
    24. piece of black metal/plastic just below a curl in the exhaust for the front-most piston
    25. front fender, just over top the orange pin stripe on the tire (or is the stripe on the rim? I can’t tell right now)
    26. on the front red motor, some sort of radiator cap, near where the driver’s right knee would rest
    27. on black plastic near headlight, just to the left of the left-side blinker
    28. front fender, where the left front fork comes down
    29. just below radiator, inside a shadow on a piece of the engine guard
    30. same as No. 8, Just above one of the pistons, on a plastic guard that covers a portion of the trellis frame
    31. same as No. 15, on the engine, the gray/gold crankcase cover
    32. same as No. 24, piece of black metal/plastic just below a curl in the exhaust for the front-most piston

  • seanslides

    1. Lower left portion of front fender
    2. Upper right (viewing the bike head-on) corner of the radiator, between the forks.
    3. Front fender, just in front of the fork leg.
    4. Lower fairing, centered just behind the front wheel.
    5. Lower fairing, centered just behind the front wheel.
    6. Lower fairing, centered just behind the front wheel.
    7. Front fender, just in front of the fork slider.
    8. On the black plastic trim piece, left of the silver lower, above the valve cover.
    9. On the rear number plate, right of the Dakar graphic.
    10. On the front fender, in the triangle between where it mounts to the fork and the top portion that covers the wheel.
    11. On the plastic piece between the lower fairings, under the radiator.
    12. In the top right corner of the right mirror.
    13. On the toe-guard (chain-guard), left and above the rear-stand.
    14. On the upper tank cover/faux-intake, just above the diavel logo.
    15. In the black triangle formed between the gold clutch cover and silver frame/bodywork.
    16. Upper right (viewing the bike head-on) corner of the radiator, between the forks.
    17. On the red bodywork that sits between the tank/frame/seat.
    18. On the lower plastic bodywork, below right of the shock.
    19. On the piece of black plastic bodywork directly above the fork slider.
    20. On the plastic bodywork that hangs below the frame, above the passenger peg, and in front of the muffler.
    21. Front fender, just in front of the fork leg.
    22. Upper right (viewing the bike head-on) corner of the radiator, between the forks.
    23. On the black plastic trim piece, left of the silver lower, above the valve cover.
    24. On the chin-scoop, just below the harley-esque front header.
    25. Front fender, just in front of the fork leg.
    26. On the (facing the bike) left black plastic radiator shroud, below-left of the turn signal on the red bike.
    27. Directly in front of the front left turn signal on the black plastic.
    28. On the lower curved portion of the front fender that acts as a fork guard.
    29. On the black plastic bodywork below the radiator, far to the left, very near to the silver bodywork.
    30. On the black plastic trim piece, left of the silver lower, above the valve cover.
    31. In the black triangle formed between the gold clutch cover and silver frame/bodywork.
    32. On the chin-scoop, just below the harley-esque front header.

    I’m sure someone beat me to it, but what the heck, maybe everyone else made a mistake.

  • g.r.b

    is this over or none of this guys got it right?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Grant and I took the night off, we’ll plow through these shortly.

  • g.r.b

    hhmmm…… one question, why would you do some creative rounding to skew the numbers in Honda’s favor? that info is misleading and it actually makes me wonder what other info you present is also misleading? not that making it appear as if its got 1 more hp really matters but its more a psychological thing, kinda like saying $99 instead of $100 it could make you think one is better then the other when actually the difference is almost not noticeable. no big thing but its kinda not fair

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Because I wanted to catch people out and I didn’t think such a small difference mattered with the bikes in question. Honda has the torque-to-weight advantage anyways as it’s lighter and I knew I was one of the few people with the numbers.

  • SugarCream

    I never knew, Wes was a poem. Any stanza for your fellow readers, our humble Cyrano?

    • SugarCream

      Doh! Wes was a poet, you got that.

  • KeC
    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Awesome, email us your address and we’ll send stickers out.

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

    HF Fucking L – Accept no substitutions!

    Sadly, its the busy season at work! Too bad, that Moto 8 is a nice helmet.

    • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

      fingers crossed!

  • arris

    Okay, interesting idea. However, I think you’re not being fair with how you frame this. Yes, we do sometimes use pics that we source from the web but only images produced by the OEMs, which are effectively copyright free.

    A good example of this are the Norge, Stelvio and Tuono news items that we recently posted. We got the press release from Piaggio Group with all the info but it came without pics and we could not access the Piaggio press site at that time.

    The tech details came from the release, the pics through a general web search, which, in this case, was via HFL. CMG’s mandate is to only use information from a verified trustworthy source, or if not, to cite the source in the article.

    Another example is the BMW Concept C piece. Please feel free to look at our write up and let us know how it compares to yours:


    I think it would be fairer for you to argue that websites should credit as to where a picture came via. To extrapolate this to say that the facts are also being lifted from HFL is not true.

    I’ll admit that I never gave the ‘via credit’ much thought as I’ve always seen OEM produced images as essentially copyright free, but it’s an interesting argument. And for reference, I don’t care if someone grabs an OEM image off CMG and uses it either

    And BTW, to show that we’re not adverse to giving credit where credit is due, I posted a news piece about a week ago praising HFL’s story to Labrador (which is also the trip that I met you guys en-route):


    Now, am I also guilty of ripping off the two shots I used in the news piece to help promote your story and site?

    An interesting and fun exercise but I don’t agree with your conclusions.

    Rob Harris,
    Editor, CMG Online magazine

    • amsterdam

      He Rob,
      couldhave retorted w.
      ‘ Isn’t HFL the press release company for Piaggio?’

      • arris


        Maybe, but a tad possessive with their pics …

        • cmdude

          You mean someone else’s pics…

          • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

            Someone else’s? How about I’ll stop being possessive of images that Wes and I spent a significant amount of time cropping, resizing and compressing for web usage when those busted stop pretending they don’t use HFL for material sources because they’re too slow or possibly lazy to do the work themselves.


    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Thanks for responding Rob.

      To clarify, we consider CMG to be a quality source of original content and, unlike some of the publications we’ve unfortunately lumped you in with, CMG does not plagiarize.

      This isn’t a question of copyright in your case as you’re not stealing original content, but it is a question of credit. We often obtain and publish press material long before anyone else through the traditional journalistic skills of cultivating and exploiting sources; using professional tools that are at our disposal; and just plain being sneaky. Obviously we feel that the impact of our hard work is diminished if a publication reprints material that we’ve exclusively obtained, even if that material isn’t subject to copyright.

      Next time, just email me if you’ve forgotten your press site logins.

      • arris


        I hadn’t forgotten my log in, it just wouldn’t accept my password for some reason.

        And thanks for clarifying this with your readers. There’s no doubt you guys are the cutting edge when it comes to getting the scoop on the news.

        Expect some email requests the next time the OEMs blast us with an avalanche of new models! But in the meantime I would suggest watermarking the pics which would ensure credit automatically.

        Cheers, Rob

        • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk UrbanRider

          Hi Rob,

          ‘Yes, we do sometimes use pics that we source from the web but only images produced by the OEMs, which are effectively copyright free.’

          Is that really the case that they are copyright free? Our suppliers make us sign terms of use before permitting we use their imagery.

          • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

            They tend to have a “copyright free for editorial use only” disclaimer.

  • http://rohorn.blogspot.com rohorn

    I’d gladly hand over cash for those stickers, but that isn’t the same as earning them.

    I will never use that certain insult ever again – will hang my head in shame…

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      We’ll have stickers and some other stuff on sale soon.

  • http://pensacolariders.com 2 tall

    I was wondering why i was seeing all those tiny HFL logos on the pics… nice work guys!

  • http://twowheelsplus.blogspot.com/ andehans

    HFL goes east. From Russian magazine Bikepost:

    KTM 450:

    Vespa PX:

    BMW Concept C:

    and more…

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Ha, I love the KTM 450 Rally. We went to great lengths to hide a very subtle watermark assuming that people would ‘shop out the obvious one. Instead, we just get free ads everywhere!

      Email us your address and we’ll send you some stickers.

  • mluddyjr

    Does it count if they included a hat tip?

    theawesomer.com Tiger 800:

    Screencap in case they fix the article:

    Doesn’t appear that they read the article very carefully. They’re claiming 135hp.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      No, no, we WANT people to link, that’s the whole point of this. If someone thinks HFL content is great and wants a little piece of it for themselves, then that’s awesome (har!), we just want them to acknowledge where they got it.

      It doesn’t matter if they lack reading comprehension.

  • mluddyjr

    How about this one?



    No real content, just pictures from HFL. I searched the page for a link but couldn’t find one.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      I think that’ll work. Email us your address.

  • http://www.twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

    This is awesome. Bravo everyone.

  • noninetyfive
    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Awesome, email us your address and we’ll get some stickers out to you.

  • MajorTom

    Does this count? Understand if not, the image is badly compressed.


    • MajorTom

      Bah – ignore! Was getting trigger happy!

      • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

        No, you were right, it’s there, look at the fill panel above the swingarm pivot. Email us with your mailing address and we’ll send you some stickers.

  • MajorTom

    Another site for the Mille 3


    Irony is that they cite a source – and it’s MCN!

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Grant Ray

      Wow, thanks for the catch. I just emailed them to personally thank them for playing!

  • MajorTom

    Yep – these guys clearly love you!

    KTM 450 Rally

    KTM 990 Adventure R

    But just not enough to source the images…

  • http://electrovelocity.com/ Ben Branch

    Wes, please start selling small HFL stickers so we can all participate with our own bikes.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      We will, we just need to find a resource to handle production and retail for us. Same with t-shirts, cafe press blows.

  • Darth Lefty

    I’d love to scour the whole Internet but instead I think I’ll just keep coming here

  • Ducky
  • arris

    If anyone is interested in my (expanded) take on this and where CMG stands in relation to the accusations, I’ve written an editorial on the subject:


    Cheers, Rob

  • http://www.ashonbikes.com/ Kevin Ash

    What a great idea to stop plagiarism. I must copy it for my site!