Maybe this explains the Europe-only CB1000R

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Spotted at the Honda press conference this morning by Mike Werner.

Update: Honda doesn’t hate America afterall, we’re finally getting the CB1000R!

  • robotribe

    Feel the FURY, USA.

    • vigor

      lol, nice

  • Mark D

    Honda doesn’t care about American people.

  • phobos512

    I have a hard time believing that given they’re a Japanese company.

  • ike6116

    Who buys more motorcycles? I got a feeling europe does and that would explain that.

  • Kevin

    CBF1000 or CB1100. Both bikes I would love to see here in the USA. But we only love sport bikes and cruisers here.

    • Wes Siler

      I’d like to see the CB1300 too, that bike is soooooooooo smoooothh.

      • Kevin

        The one upside to the lack of new standard bikes in the US, is that it forced me to teach myself how to repair/maintain an old CB750. Still would love if the US had more standard do it all bikes. I know the development cycle is long, but hopefully the recession will help manufactures realize we need bikes here that are not cutting edge racers nor overweight cruisers. Next time I’m in London, I will check out the CB1300.

      • TeeJay

        This year they stopped producing the full naked version. :-(((
        (My dream bike…)

    • TeeJay

      We will not have CB1100. Currently only in Japan, but you may have it.

  • thecrumb

    I’ll have to remember that next time I have to buy (insert whatever the hell Honda makes)

  • John

    …..but we make more money selling Americans really awful Harley copies.