MotoCzysz D1: the turn-key solution to electric drive

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People love to say that MotoCzysz doesn’t make anything, aside from race-winning motorcycles that is. Well, here’s something they made that’s going on sale next year: the D1g1tal Dr1ve D1, a plug-and-play, fully-integrated electric drive system based on the 2010 MotoCzysz E1pc that anyone wanting to sell an electric vehicle can drop into a chassis and hit the market with.

Such a turn-key solution will allow current and future electric vehicle manufacturers to wholly avoid the time and cost of developing their own electric drive technology. Instead, for $8,999, they can simply drop this friendly-looking 19x13x15”, 130lbs box into a vehicle of their choosing and connect a few cables. It incorporates the oil-cooled motor, inverter-controller and cooling system. Batteries sold separately (by someone else). MotoCzysz claims this is the “quickest and easiest” electric drive solution on the market.

In this video, you can hear Michael Czysz jokingly try to pronounce “D1g1tal.”

The motor puts out 100bhp (peak) and up to 848lb/ft of torque after gearing is factored in. Like the E1pc, the D1 can put out continuous power that’s unprecedentedly close to that peak number, 80bhp. The motor achieves 93 percent efficiency. The compactness, high continuous output and efficiency are all down to that novel oil cooling solution, most rival motors are air-cooled.

MotoCzysz described the process of incorporating a D1 into a vehicle to us by saying, “They will simply provide high voltage power, low voltage throttle inputs, and cooling lines to the drive. The engine bay can be designed around the mounting points on the drive, and the half shafts will spline directly into the output hubs on the unit. The small size and clean packaging will make it easy to design around- either front or rear wheel drive.”

While the D1 incorporates oil-cooling for the motor, that oil is cooled by an internal oil/water heat exchanger. The “in” and “out” ports visible in this picture will be connected to water hoses running to a conventional radiator.

In addition to vehicle manufacturers, MotoCzysz has also designed the D1 to appeal to fleet operators looking to convert existing ICE vehicles to electric operation. “The small size and simple mounting options make it a perfect contender for a conversion project. You can bet on seeing one in a company commuter car over here soon.”

Putting out a relatively modest amount of power, this D1 is intended for use in small commuter cars or light duty commercial vehicles. Also slated for next year, MotoCzysz will be releasing similar integrated electric drive solutions suitable for larger vehicles and even one they say will be perfect for a super car.

It’s said that racing improves the breed and this is the tangible product of developing the most advanced electric racing bike in the world.

D1g1tal Dr1ve

  • smoke4ndmears

    Now that is cool. I wonder how well it would motivate a converted e30.

    • seanslides

      Slowly? 100hp aint much. A honda S600 would probably be a lot more fun. Maybe a Lotus 7 or an MG TC for ironies sake. The thought of an ancient british sports car that was once motivated my an equally ancient lump of iron and orchestrated by the dark lord of electricity himself, Lucas, is hilarious. Also, they’re light-weight and simple enough to work.

      • Johndo

        slowly? “and up to 848lb/ft of torque after gearing is factored in”

        • Grive

          HP is a much better indicator, plus crank torque and the speed at which it’s achieved.

          “After gearing is factored in” torque without the speed at which it’s achieved won’t tell you much in terms of the actual capabilities of the engine. Put enough planetary gears in line and I’ll gladly generate that much if not more with my hand.

          Power is a better indicator (in lieu of an actual power/torque curve to ogle) of the engine’s performance.

          • Ben W

            Since we’re going off the peak numbers for the hell of it, I say we slap it in a cruiser. The horsepower doesn’t impress the sport crowd, but 848 lb/ft of torque makes the pirates cream.

            I’m already picturing a remake of the S1000RR ad where it digs a hole in the ground. This time, it’s a cruiser with the D1. And this time, it digs all the way through the earth and shatters the whole damn thing in an overwhelming orgy of torque madness.

            Note: we’re still working on the exhaust sound.

            • Grive

              Just find a recording of Louis Armstrong belching, mix in someone talking about potatoes (to appease the harley crowd) and drop it an octave or two. Loop it hide a couple speakers by the rear wheel, with the volume control pegged to the throttle lever.

              You’re done.

  • James Dean Meyer

    “the half shafts will spline directly into the output hubs on the unit”

    Does that mean there is a differential in there too? ‘Out of the box’ thinking created a little red . . . box. I’d like to see inside the box. Cool stuff.

    • Wes Siler

      MotoCzysz says there is a differential inside.

  • Turf

    It looks like an appliance. That said, I want one.

  • noone1569

    Hmm. . . I could see bolting two of these things in a smart car. . .

    • Ben W

      Why stop there?

    • Mdynamic

      haha That would be bananas. The two drives would be almost as much as the car itself.

      • Tim

        reminds me of an old CRX I saw with two powertrains. It was all wheel drive (of course) and the throttles for both were tied together. It was crazy.

  • AHA

    This is the future of motoring – cars as well as bikes. A while ago I started thinking the whole thing will go full circle back to the early C20th with the vehicle manufacturers becoming carrosserie or coachbuilders, all choosing between 3 or 4 powertrains bought in from heavy engineering plants like separate chassis in the old days. Electric, hydrogen fuel cell, multi-air diesel – different power trains matched to vehicle type and selling price.

  • contender

    This is very very exciting. When’s the IPO?

  • Ducky

    For under $9K? An all-in-a-box solution? Oh yeah, I can definitely see this taking off in small-car conversions

  • bluemoco

    This D1 electric drive could also work nicely if installed in an off-road UTV, like a Yamaha Rhino, Honda Big Red, or Kawasaki Mule. Polaris is already in the market with the Ranger EV…

  • Cajun58

    Is this the result of the Bajaj Auto joint venture “Dream” project?

    • Wes Siler

      As I understand it, they were working developing IP for Bajaj to include on future Bajaj vehicles and this is being sold under the MotoCzysz brand.

  • je

    Hmmm now how do I get this fitted into my crx?