MV Agusta F3: a 67-image mega-gallery of two-wheeled perfection

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This is the 140bhp, 675cc, three-cylinder, €11,500 MV Agusta F3 that CEO Giovanni Castiglioni says will be, “the smallest supersport ever produced.” We unveiled the F3 last night and told you all about it, now we have 67 gorgeous high-res images for your perusal. This is every image that currently exists.

In addition to being lithe and almost impossibly good looking, the F3 brings two technological firsts to the supersport class: traction control, of which the benefits are obvious; and a counter-rotating crankshaft, which should cancel the majority of the engine’s vibrations. At 137bhp it’s already the second most powerful engine in the 600-ish class, behind the Ducati 848 Evo, but the 140bhp goal is almost ridiculous and would put this 675cc motor on par power wise with not only the 848, but also the 750cc inline-four of the original MV Agusta F4. If all that’s not enough, MV is also claiming that this motor is the most compact, short and narrow supersport engine too.

Make sure you check out last night’s MV Agusta F3 unveil for all the details and our interview with Giovanni Castiglioni for more information on production plans and his projected dollar price.

Once you’re done here, head on over to our EICMA tag page where you’ll find other new motorcycles debuting at the Milan show this week like the 2011 KTM RC8 R and Ducati Diavel.

  • Beast Incarnate

    That is a standout machine. I hope for the best.

  • miles_prower

    If I were a sportbike rider, the first thing I’d do is remove the passenger footpegs to open up the rear even more.

  • miles_prower

    Whoever designed this did a wonderful job of updating Massimo Tamburini’s original design of the F4 (which I think is one of the most beautiful motorcycles ever put into production) with a more contemporary “swoopiness”.

    Unlike other swoopy bikes that seem penned by children not yet graduated from scratching back and forth with with crayons (e.g. 2010 Multistrada), the F3 has visual balance. Every swoop has a well-defined visual purpose to form the whole image.


  • mugget

    Yeaaaah… I think that a 1000cc is overkill for road riding and commuting. Also a smaller capacity bike will force me to concentrate on my roadcraft/trackcraft.

    Any other excuses so I can make space beside the Gixxer?
    Haha :P

    Then again my last 600 was alot of work to keep revving & move my ~100Kg mass. But also that was a few years ago – the K5 had a few less ponies than this piece of European exotica.

  • zipp4

    Gorgeous. Although, it isn’t exactly clear, but is that a Nissin master on pic 2?

  • Patrick from Astoria

    Not feeling the Pan-pipe exhaust, but that can be fixed.

    That’s probably the only thing that one needs to even consider “fixing.”

    Waiting for a US$ price tag.

  • Sven

    Passes everything.

  • robotribe

    I love the pipes. Kudos for something different that stands out without looking like a pork-tastic Japanese muffler solution to the EU reg’s.

    God this bike is hot.

  • the_doctor

    This is as badass as I thought it was going to be. Will the US price be equally badass?

    • Wes Siler

      They want it to be.

  • nick2ny

    This bike is stunning, and the rear wheel makes my knees weak.

  • spidiracer

    I can’t wait to see one in race trim.

  • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

    I’m willing to pay the $12,000 that was mentioned in the interview for a bike that looks this good. Can I have it in black?

    • JimSmiffy

      The 2010 Honda CBR600RR was $11,200 and you think this bike will cost $12,000?? I think you have to reset your perception. You may be one of those guys who never pays retail on Japanese bike but as MV announced in their previous HFL interview, this will be a small production and dealers won’t be dealing on these. My bet is you will pay at least $2000 more than an 848EVO and the dealers won’t be dealin. Why give away something you can’t get. Maybe you can get an all black 600RR for $12k OTD??

      • JimSmiffy

        Oh and the currency conversion of 11,500 Euros to US dollars is $16,000 or about $2000 more than an 848EVO.

        • Wes Siler

          Hang on there Mr. Smarty Pants. The F4 retails for $18,500 in the US and 18,500 Euro in Italy. Additionally, Giovanni said they were really trying to target $12,000 so I wouldn’t expect the price to deviate more than a couple grand higher than that at most.

          At $18,500 I think the F4 is a bargain. The F3 should be even more so.

          • JimSmiffy

            Wanna bet? There is no way in hell this piece of italian jewelry will ever be price competative with a Japanese bike. Sure they SAY they want to price it at $12,000, but do you really believe everything an italian company promises?? Italian companies are absolutely famous for over promising and under delivering.
            I’ll take any bet. This bike will be priced NORTH of $13,999. Put yer money where your mouth is Wes.

      • Viceroy_Fizzlebottom

        I’m basing the price from the interview with Giovanni Castiglioni. MV is shooting for $12,000 MSRP and if it’s more, that’s fine.

        I could get an all black CBR (Hey, thanks Honda for producing paint jobs in non-SQUID colors again!) but for a few grand more I think the MV is worth it, just my opinion though.

        • JimSmiffy

          Sorry Viceroy, wasn’t trying to personally attack you. I agree the MV would be worth a few grand more than a 600rr!

  • MikeD

    Not Impressed. I guess maybe i could get excited about an all black,black wheels too version.

    I hope they break the F4 Mold next time before casting a new model out of their factory.

  • pdub

    Single sided gull arm? Talk about the goodness of chocolate and peanut butter. So tasty. Style wise MV has even made the other Italian bikes look bland.

  • pdub

    Those pillion accommodations could only be described as vestigial. It should just come monoposto and have the seat pad and passenger pegs in a bag marked “if you must”.

  • adeysworld

    i wish they took more pics…

  • g.r.b

    waw! absolutely stoning, its so beautiful.. thanks for uploading all those pics! i got to see every detail

  • deckard


  • mchale2020

    Must. Finish. College.

  • Liquidogged

    Makes pretty much every other bike from Italy this year look like toys designed by children on meth.

    Well done. Beautiful and functional. And somewhat sort of reasonably priced? Can’t wait to read the comparos between this and the 848EVO, which also looks pretty kickass.

  • GeddyT

    Alright… I’m going to need a clarification on this line: “…and a counter-rotating crankshaft, which should cancel the majority of the engine’s vibrations.”

    I’m guessing you mean a reverse-rotating crankshaft as opposed to counter-rotating crankshafts like in the Czysz C1. I could see it offsetting gyroscopic effect from the wheels and affecting vehicle balance (i.e. Yamaha M1), but these are handling improvements, not vibration improvements. It’s still going to take a balance shaft to quell vibration in an inline triple no matter what direction it’s spinning.

    Power is impressive, though, especially considering the gear reversal necessitated by that crank robs a few hp.

    Oh yeah, absolutely beautiful design still. I’m wondering if that exhaust is going to be awkward for boots a la the Streetfighter exhaust.

    And $12000 USD? No way. I know there’s usually $/€ parity when it comes to the F4, which might make it tempting to assume they’ll meet their $12000 goal with the F3. On the other hand, though, they were originally saying €9000 for the F3 (I read that here, in fact), and now it’s €11500. They were optimistic by €2500, so will they have been optimistic by $2500 as well? I would guess yes. I’m calling it at $14500.

    And possibly worth it!

    • Wes Siler

      You didn’t read that “€9000″ price here, that was a bit of retarded reporting from some idiots elsewhere.

      I don’t think they’ll manage $12k either, but it’ll certainly be less than $16k.