Nicky Hayden’s Ducati Diavel burnout

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Demonstrating the raw power and massive performance that the 162bhp Ducati Diavel is capable of, Nicky Hayden rolled onto the AMG/Ducati stage at the LA Auto Show with a huge burnout. All those car geeks in the audience must be in no doubt that this scooter means business.

Edmunds via Ducati News Today

  • Plotts

    Huge Burnout? Really. I’m not much on burnouts in general, but I have seen enough to know that was a pretty lame one.

  • stephan

    ^ +1

  • stephan

    oh wait that was irony i get it now

  • stephan

    or wait its called sarcasm, im going to shut up now

    • Wes Siler

      What’s this sarcasm thing you speak of? I’ve never heard of it.

      • noone1569

        Reminds me of The Big Bang Theory . . lulz

  • robotribe

    Lame as I think this bike is, now that I see it in its true context, I believe it does have an audience: upper-crust pseudo playboys who’s portfolios faired better than most and are looking for another way to impress their paid escorts.

    Well played, Ducati. Chapeau.

    • UrbanRider

      Absolutely. It’s like HD on the King’s Road in London. They target the middle aged fund managers and their bonuses.

      Whenever we get some 6’4″ Pirate from Wisonsin asking for directions to the HD dealership I allow myself a smirk because it ain’t like back home!

      • robotribe

        King’s Road?! Please tell me that dealership has a Burberry scarf with HD flames embroidered on each end!


  • BN.

    Overwhelming Meh.

  • Mark D

    I love the beat of absolute silence when the bike shuts off, and the audience doesn’t know whether to clap or laugh or what. A bright red Italian motorbike looks so odd next to a cold silver limo of a Benz.

    The bike isn’t my cup of tea at all, but hey, different strokes. Its design is sneakily growing on me, though, like a plantars wart.

  • jbm

    That was downright embarrassing.

  • damien

    I think that bike looks the fucking business.

    This will be the beater for the lucky bastards who own a Desmo RR.

    • seanslides

      I’ve actually met a few lucky bastards whose beaters ARE Desmo RRs. When asked if they thought it was bat shit crazy to thrash a $73,000 bike in the canyons and at the track, one man said he didn’t buy it just to look at.

      • Ducky

        imo, that is the way it should be done! Even a “used” one will be worth tons in a decade or three, so why not thrash it if you’ve got it?

        • mugget

          Exactly – a guy frequents a local track here in Aus with his Desmo. And good on him. That’s what it’s made for!

          I’d buy one used if I could afford it, and would just ride it on track and to work sometimes. Bring it on!

  • slowestGSXRever

    Is it just me, or was he fighting to get that burnout started for a little too long.

    • Wes Siler

      Maybe he left the TC on?

      • Michael

        I think it’s because they had him do a burnout on a highly-glossed plastic surface. You’d melt through the floor before you generated any real smoke.

  • mugget

    Oh boy. Should have let him practice on that floor beforehand!

    Maybe they should have used polished timber instead of that painted plastic stuff? I heard the polished floor goes well…

  • Kevin

    Is it really fair to call this thing a cruiser? It’s got a > 30″ seat heat and the pegs are amidships. More like a standard, like my old Honda VT700C from the 80s.

  • Tony

    I was there but didn’t see the burn out since I was on the other side of the show floor. I thought it was odd that the Mercedes sounded like a L Twin.. I saw him afterwards.. He’s tiny like most motogp racers~ I can put him in my pocket~

  • Rosario

    I find it funny this partnership between Merc/AMG and Ducati. What a PR machine. Rossi and Schumacher. Also, didn’t Mercedes GP invent desmo valve technology in their 50′s GP cars? Full circle!