Photos: 2011 Triumph Modern Classic range

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While we may be giving Triumph a hard time for over promising on the Tiger 800 and they may be going around telling people I’m “poisonous,” we remain huge fans of their products. With only a couple exceptions, Triumph’s motorcycles manage to stand out in a world of near-identical sameness and bridge the gap between Japanese affordability and European desirability. They also pull off a trick no other manufacturer does, offering totally credible, class-leading products in both the modern performance and retro segments. With no updates for 2011 you might be thinking that the Modern Classic range is getting a bit long in tooth, but it continues to offer bikes that exceed the performance or undercut the price of virtually every competitor. Here’s a whole mess of pictures, the solid colors of the Bonneville and the retro two-tone of the T100 are particular highlights.

We’ll get back to writing longer articles tomorrow. Sorry, still a bit burned out from covering EICMA.

  • jbm

    Sorry boys, I’m probably wrong, but this one seems weird to me. You’ve spent the better part of the fall (rightly) lambasting Triumph for what was a really lame tease over the Tiger 800. Now maybe they’re upset, trying to restrict info/blackball you, so this post of praise and a bunch of photos of their crusiers is supposed to settle the hornet’s nest?

    • Wes Siler

      Not at all, I just figured you guys might enjoy some nice photos of some cool bikes. Believe it or not, this isn’t some big popularity contest, we make HFL for you, not some incompetents at OEM marketing departments.

      • fatmexican13

        And your readership appreciates it.

  • NitroPye

    I rode a Bonneville a little whiles back and caught a glimpse of myself in a shop window, felt like I was all of a sudden in a different place and time. I can’t help but love these bikes.

  • Pete

    I don’t care how the thing rides, I LOVE that matte olive scrambler.

  • Johndo

    They don’t call these bikes classics for nothing. They will always look cool and be fun.

  • markbvt

    I own a 2001 Bonneville set up as a cafe racer, and to this day, every time I ride it, I find myself thinking, “God, I love this bike!” It just has tons of personality and handles great. The stock ones are a little more mild-mannered, but still really fun bikes. And there are so many ways to mod them to make them your own.

  • Bald Shaun

    Was the “what a douche bag” bit really part of their official press release photos? If so, I just gained a whole lot more respect for Triumph’s marketing department.

    • 2ndderivative

      I reckon it’s Wes/Grant testing the obliviousness of other sites while stealing their photos again.

  • voxveho

    “and they may be going around telling people I’m “poisonous,”

    Say what?

    • robotribe

      I’d take it as a compliment.

      • Wes Siler

        I do :)

  • CafeRacer8509001200

    The 900 part of my name is my ’07 Bonnevile. It’s truly a great motorcycle. No, it’s not a Gixxer on the straights or in the corners but that’s not the point. It reminds me of when I started riding. It reminds me of the bikes my uncle and dad had when I was a kid. Other than color updates, Triumph needs to leave this one untouched. I don’t know about the long in the tooth comment Wes. Isn’t that kind of the point here?

    • SugarCream

      I truly adore these bikes, but I have never ridden one. I’m in no position of the bike reminds me the past. Would you think, there is still more to enjoy if it’s to be your one of the first bikes?

      • CafeRacer8509001200

        I think you’re wondering if it would be a good choice as an only bike. That’s hard to answer without knowing you. If not having the latest technology or highest performance is OK with you then you’ll be happy.

        The bike is not a sportbike but ALL bikes can be rewarding when ridden hard. The limits here are just lower. The comfort is quite good and it really can log some serious miles.

        Ultimately, yes, this bike would make a great choice as on only bike. The bike you should choose is the one that makes you want to stand in the garage and just stare at it while ylou have a beer. It should be the bike that makes you smile when you ride it. The Bonneville delivers both to me.

        • SugarCream

          I just love your definition of the bike to choose! And am more than glad The Bonneville has it all!

          Currently riding Honda’s mid Origami Hornet. Used to ride Dualsports. You got it right, I was wondering how would it be as an only bike. You know, I like Hornet and all, but it doesn’t make me stare at it in the garage; or I found her dull sometimes.

          I guess I’d like easy relaxed riding, and staring at the bike when I’m not on. Having said that, my next shot could be that Hinckley’s twin. In a perfect world I would have had more than handful bikes though.

  • mchale2020

    If the women posing in the pictures are truly attracted to these kinds of bikes then why oh why did I get an R6?

    But really, with looks like that you could pull up on a new Bonneville to your g/f’s parent’s house for the first time and they probably would start to like you. Attempt it on a sport bike and they’ll probably call the cops on you, again.

    That’s just how good Triumph’s bikes look, especially in this photo set.

  • BMW11GS

    WOW! I have seen some of Bonneville neo-retros but never got too excited about them, but that white Bonneville is the definition of a motorcycle. sure its not a do it all like my 11GS….but you can almost imagine it doing it all. I think that’s something missing from many of today’s bikes. Sure Deus is popping out some fetching examples, but these models are just complete as is, or a blank canvas for everyday dudes to get creative on.

  • occam

    “With only a couple exceptions, Triumph’s motorcycles manage to stand out in a world of near-identical sameness”. What they did to the Speed Triple was criminal. That’s why I just sold my Street Triple and bough a 2009 Speedie — now raised to classic status. I’m otherwise boycotting Triumph on accessories, gear, etc, until they find their way again. The modern classics range looks as good as ever though.

  • damien

    A 2004 Thruxton is my only bike right now and I have zero complaints. It’s a blast to ride and I always – always – always get compliments on it.

    God, I would love to own that matte green scrambler too.

  • Bald Shaun

    The modern classics are great. Indisputable good looks, modern reliability, affordable, and just enough performance to be fun.
    I just wish Triumph would release an high-spec club racer version of the Bonneville. It would be pretty simple. Thruxton clip-ons, SE wheels, decent adjustable suspenders, SS brake lines, and either dual discs or just a good single 4-piston caliper and full floating rotor. That would be a sweet bike. And Triumph could do it at a profit while still keeping it cheaper than what an owner would have to pay to do all this aftermarket.

    • MikeD

      +1.Take the front brakes and rotors of the ThunderBird and presto, super clamping power.

  • solidaridad

    For my taste, I don’t think anyone does bikes as well as Triumph right now. Ducati comes close, but they’re overpriced and finicky, and a dime a dozen around these parts…This is a great time to be a rider, and I for one can’t wait for the new bikes Triumph has up their sleeve.
    You’ve got me so excited talking about Triumph, I’m going to go out and point my orange and cream Bonnie T100 down Ponce de Leon. Thanks for the pics!

    • MikeD

      Would that “Ponce de Leon” happens to be the one in Miami?

      • solidaridad

        No, up the road in Atlanta…

  • MikeD

    Im loving that Blue/White Bonneville SE. DANM, so many bikes, not enough money and lifetime.
    The ThunderBird Storm got me all HOT too. LOL. And this coming from a “To Hell with Cruiser” rider. I guess age is showing it’s Nasty side effects already. LMAO.

  • StormRider

    Thank you for posting these. I do want me some Bonneville. I want to see the red/orange SE in person. Could be good.

  • paulo

    Nice I agree these bikes are tasty, if ever I was tempted by a new bike it would probably be one of the classics range (with room for some personal mods) I agree about speed and handling not being anything, my old Guzzzi sp 1000 cafe has plenty of character and makes me grin every time I ride it, I imagine the triumphs would have a similar effect.

  • Cajun58

    Let’s not kid ourselves Wes you are poisonous but in the best possible way!

    • Wes Siler

      Like the difference between bad and bad?