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Not to be confused with the VFR800X — as the name suggests, a VFR800 with faux adventure styling — the Honda Crosstourer Concept allegedly isn’t a production model and actually plans to venture off-road. We showed you the Crosstourer yesterday, but here’s a full gallery of high-res images. The frame, 1,200cc V4 and dual-clutch transmission have been lifted directly from the VFR1200. Nothing says “adventure” like an over-complicated engine; fragile, complex technology like DCT and a weight presumably at least a match for Shamu’s 591lbs (wet).

Here’s the official spin from Honda:

Sharing the phenomenal V4 engine and the revolutionary Dual Clutch Transimission with the VFR1200F, the V4 Crosstourer Concept will deliver all the fun and excitement of a road sports bike; but with the comfortable upright riding position and manoeuvrability of an adventure machine.

The VFR1200F was the first model to utilize the new iconic V4 engine that signified the beginning of the new era in Honda’s engine line-up. The V4 Crosstourer Concept will utilise the same engine as the Road Sport category VFR to bring the benefits of this world-beating engine to a new type of customer. This will be the first time an Adventure Tourer bike has been fitted with a compact and powerful four cylinder V-engine unit.

The riding experience will be further enhanced with the V4 Crosstourer Concept being developed with the revolutionary Dual Clutch Transmission that gives seamless gear changes for a sport riding feel. The new bike is the second Honda to be fitted with this innovative transmission system after the VFR1200F and it is the first time this award-winning technology has been seen in this category.

Honda has always strived to bring innovative designs and innovative technology to our motorcycle customers. As a company famed for challenging conventional motorcycle thinking, Honda is committed to producing bikes which fulfil the needs and desires of our customers.

Together with 800cc Crossrunner also revealed at EICMA, the V4 Crosstourer concept expands Honda’s state-of-the-art V4 model line-up.

  • GGno

    Geez!! The new GS!

    • GGno

      The Triumph first, then Honda… those sauerkraut-eater will dominate the world.

  • mugget


    That’s shiny.

    As soon as I read that the frame, engine and DCT have been taken straight from the VFR I was wondering how long it would take before you mentioned the weight.
    Yep – not long at all!

    How is the VFR selling? It’s really going that well that they’re gonna go ahead and base another bike around it?

  • jake

    i love how long these bikes take too come out.

    this will be crap IMO.

    things needed:

    Performance 250 a proper one

    things received:

    Crappy crosstourer

  • DirectorLJ

    I want to understand and you all know more then more about bikes…why do Hondas have to weigh soooo much?! Who is going to tote a nearly 600lbs bike offroad?

  • thecrumb

    This is the Land Rover or Hummer of ‘adventure bikes’. How many times do you see one of those with a speck of mud on it? Never.

    And forget the weight – I want to know what the cost of the replacement plastic is… I’m thinking each side is probably = to a well loved KLR.

  • CG

    First and foremost, how do I get my bike to stand perfectly upright with no perceptible means of support? If that part is standard with any of these bikes I (dropper of bikes in parking lots for no reason) would buy them. Obviously all mfr.s have this technology – as shown in their promo pics – so why can’t I have it?

    Beyond that I think these are simply the F150 4×4 that never goes off road version of bikes. Perhaps, it is the upright seating position excuse: “I haven’t really got that old that a pure dirt bike or sport bike is no longer physically possible that is why I am riding this faux dirt bike that can be a sport bike, honest, I am not a poseur…”

  • Rucuss54

    It will be more expensive than a BMW GS, fail.

  • mcfaite

    Setting aside, well, everything else – on the subject of the dual clutch transmission: isn’t taking a heavy bike off-road exactly where you would want the nuanced control of an olde-tymey, regular old single clutch transmission?

  • ron

    have you heard aything new about a possible release date on the V4 Crosstourer from honda

    • Wes Siler

      Not yet. Not sure it’s going to come to America either.

  • elizilla

    I may be in the minority here, but I really really want this bike. I do hope they make it, and sell it here in the USA!