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Yesterday, we showed you the Honda New Mid Concept and poked a little fun at it for making outrageous claims like claiming to “reinvent the way we look at two wheeled travel.” It’s a maxi-scooter with the engine inside the frame, 17-inch wheels and the dual clutch transmission from the VFR. Now, look upon these high-res image and weep for the future.

Here’s Honda’s official spiel:

Honda New Mid Concept reinvents the way we look at two wheeled travel. This concept combines innovative thinking and new technology to create a multi discipline machine.

Taking the spirit of a sports motorcycle and the comfort of a scooter into a totally new format, the New Mid Concept will offer the energetic riding sensation of a motorcycle but with the ease and convenience of a scooter. This sector shattering combination of features creates a bike that is both visually dynamic and enjoyable to ride.

The latest engine technology has been coupled with the advanced Dual Clutch Transmission technology up to now exclusively offered on the VFR1200F. Now Honda has committed to offer this technology to more of our customers, as it challenges decades of motorcycling convention and gives riders a unique sensation of seamless gear shifts.

Dual Clutch Transmission will give the rider the option of experiencing a pure riding experience, indulging in the thrill of the winding roads, or riding with ease when weaving through city traffic. In addition to giving a dynamic riding experience, this new transmission can also deliver fuel efficiency better than a conventional manual gearbox.

The foot-forward position will provide comfort for the rider and offer additional protection from weather.

The newly designed 17 inch wheels with PRO-LINK rear suspension add to the motorcycle look and enhance high speed stability and maneuverability with the optimum size radial tyres giving a sporty ride. The front fairing air vents coupled with the larger wheels will deliver greater stability when riding at higher speeds.

The New Mid Concept from Honda – challenging the way we travel.

  • CafeRacer8509001200

    Yes, this thing is hideously ugly


    If complete ease of operation, decent weather protection and legendary Honda reliability get more people into motorcycling then so be it. People laughed at the Pacific Coast but it was a pretty competent machine and perfect for a lot of people. I don’t think Honda is trying to change our minds with this. I think this is more of an effort to change the minds of people that swear that they’ll never own a motorcycle. With that, the jury is out, but I do applaud the effort.

    Chain drive makes me scratch my head, though.

    • seanslides

      I’m not sure the Pacific Coast is a good example here. In 3 years of commuting and zillions of miles, I’ve seen but 2 that are still on the road. One was a pile of crap, and the other looked as though it’d been owned since new by the same eccentric engineer.

  • Ken D
  • Nepenthe

    I don’t think it’s a T-Max or a Griffon concept or the next Silverwing, but it doesn’t appear to be the revolutionary machine Honda claims either.

    Will they make it?

    The Silverwing, at 582ccs, weighs 540 pounds. What’s the displacement of the New Mid Concept? Is weight pushing 600 pounds?

  • Random

    Sometimes I reealy wish my feet/pants wouldn’t get so cold/wet (even if I’m dry inside the clothes). Not enough to ride with the feet foward, though.

    And in the hypothesis I would get a scooter I’d pick one without a chain to lube (it’s the chain, stupid!). Well maybe if it had 17′ wheels and a Fireblade engine I’d forget about the chain.

    Seems this bike’s priorities are somehow lost: practicality with a chain? Maneuverability with relaxed, feet-foward position (and it’s not even a true recumbent)?

    However, it’s good to see the lines between bikes and scooters somehow blurred. Someday this could net us practical, agile, fun and fast motorcycle/scooter hybrids. But for now I’m more to the Mana’s side.

    • Wes Siler

      Growing up in London and commuting there 365 days a year by bike, I totally understand the thing about your legs getting wet when it rains.Weirdly, I always found my jeans stayed driest when on a fully faired sporsbike. Guess it’s the combination of the fairing keeping road spray off and the riding position sort of tucking your legs under you. Always got soaked on the Zoomer/Ruckus I rode for a while, sit up and beg makes your legs a perfect horizontal surface for the rain to fall on.

      • Random

        Truly weird. Well, all that aerodynamic research has to be good for something…

        Now I have the perfect excuse to give to my girl for getting a sportbike and keeping the other one.

      • seanslides

        03-05 R6. Hands down, the best wind/weather protection for your legs and feet. The way the radiator exhausts onto your knee’s is awesome in the winter.

  • nataku83

    I don’t get it. I’ve been riding for about 3.5 years now, and have never once found a manual transmission or a motorcycle form factor obtrusive. Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but shifting a bike is much easier than a car (in fact, I learned to drive a motorcycle before a manual car). Scooters have always felt quite awkward to ride with your legs scrunched together – but this thing has a motorcycle form factor anyway, so I guess I’m not seeing why it’s supposed to be more comfortable…