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Tucked halfway down a side street in the heart of Williamsburg and surrounded by families of old Italian mobsters, Brooklyn Moto is a converted auto shop that’s now home to Harneyboy Bikes and BM Cycle Works. While Harneyboy creates vintage Frankenbikes just becuase, BM Cycle Works specializes in fast and seriously dedicated track machines. There’s also parking for all their buddies, a trash can dedicated to empty PBR cans and a giant flatscreen for video games. The Miley Cyrus pinups are just there to fuel your jealousy of mancaves that are better than yours. Click below for the feature.

Shop: Brooklyn Moto

  • paul

    Nice pics Grant, That your tasty leica glass again? smooth.

  • Pete

    Is this the place across from the diner on Wyeth? I have always wondered what that place was.

    • Grant Ray

      Nah, the old guy that ran that passed away two years ago, and I think his son had the city haul all those beaters to the dump. Would’ve been a great shoot.

      • Pete


  • GuessWho

    Ahh, nice pic you took of my boy JC on his Puma Duc.

  • Mark

    I’m really digging the layout, graphic design, and typography of these photo features. Nice job guys.

    • T Diver

      ditto. Keep it up folkers.

      • Grant Ray

        Thanks guys.

  • Sasha Pave

    Nicely composed Grant!

  • Mike Brooklyn

    Would love to hear from the owners as well, otherwise fantastic!