Silvio Berlusconi at EICMA on his alleged 17-year-old mistress

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Silvio Berlusconi, the 74-year-old prime minister of Italy, is under fire after it emerged that he had police free a 17-year-old Moroccan girl named “Ruby” from jail for shoplifting and may have been carrying out an inappropriate relationship with her. Berlusconi opened the EICMA show in Milan this morning and, apparently unfazed by the media storm, jokingly suggested that Ruby might make a good booth babe. The 17-year-old refers to her visits to the prime minister’s villa as “Bunga-Bunga” parties.

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  • JimSmiffy

    Mug shot please.

  • Brammofan

    Not a mug shot, but she’s pictured in this article. Your honor, does that look like a minor child to you?

    • Wes Siler

      Bunga Bunga!

      • david folch

        Bonga Bonga… there must be a nuance in the pronunciation when Berlu is saying it….

  • noblsht

    …and you thought riding your little sportbike was fun! What you gonna’ ride when you’re 74?

    • vic

      a hearse

      • mugget

        Hahahaha nice.

  • Penectomy

    See if Clinton had better taste we could have avoided the whole white “definition of ‘is’ is thing. Banging pigs is inexcusable but banging a hot piece of ass is somehow forgivable. Is 17 considered under age in Europe?

  • Steve781

    European scandals are so much more entertaining than the US variety. Or does this even rate as a scandal over there? The Italian refusal to be scandalized by scandals is scandalous.

    Now I won’t need to use that word for a while.

    • vic

      what i find incredible is that he actually phoned the clerk at the police station to try and convince him to let the little beauty out.that’s so pimp

  • cameron

    i lived in italy for a few years while in the navy and berlusconi never ceased to entertain.

    his boiled babies comment about chinese communists was probably my favorite.

    dude rules.

  • vic

    awww he’s pimping out his bunga-bunga girl.probably wants a cut too
    i dislike him but he is so cartoonish that you can’t help but be favourite is this bit
    it’s so sureal

    i’m so bummed out that the deal with moto morini fell through.just imagine the office parties

  • desmoworks

    He walked past me earlier with 50 body guards around him. They were in a circle with their arms on each others shoulder making a moving fence. Pretty crazy stuff.

    Maybe they were just blocking everyone from seeing the girl?

    • mugget

      Well, can’t blame them really – remember when he got a little statue thrown at him not too long ago? I guess it’s no fun to have a busted face. Doesn’t go well with bunga bunga.

  • pplassm

    Berlusconi is AWESOME!