The Dakar director’s safety advice

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Opening the safety meeting for new riders planning to compete in the Dakar for the first time in 2011, the rally’s director, Etienne Lavigne, brought everyone down to earth with this warning. Last year’s winner, Cyril Despres, then went on to share his hard-won wisdom, giving advice on using road books, life in the bivouacs and the importance of the transponder that warns riders when a faster vehicle is about to overtake them. The Dakar kicks off on January 1, running nearly 3,000 race miles through Argentina and Chile over 14 day-long stages.

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  • Turf

    I deeply and profoundly love the dakar, if only I had money…and offroad talent

    • mugget

      Just do it for the joy!

  • Emmet

    Jalopnik covers the Dakar rally pretty well with an obvious focus on the 4 wheel variants. Maybe we can predict the same for our counterpart here on HFL?

    • Wes Siler

      Well it was me covering Dakar for jalop and hfl has covered the race reasonably well in the past. So yes, you can expect to see coverage.

      • noone1569

        Awesome, because this is one of those events that we all dream of having the balls and money to actually run, but likely never will.

        Maybe HFL can sponsor the $500 Dakar Rally Bike . . lol

        • Mike Brooklyn

          I absolutely LOVE this idea. I bet a CB750 from the early 80′s can make it and can be had for the neighborhood of that price. 1000 all in with some required modifications…

  • Mr.Paynter

    I love the Dakar but just get so bummed it’s not run in Africa anymore!