Triumph Tiger 800: official specs and info

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It seems like we’ve endlessly poored over every conceivable detail of the Triumph Tiger 800 and Triumph Tiger 800 XC while Triumph conducted the most ridiculous and transparent wannabe-viral marketing campaign ever. On Tuesday, the bikes — which look pretty good, if a touch unoriginal — were officially unveiled to near universal apathy. Maybe it’s because Triumph deliberately set out to manipulate the media or just because we have short attention spans, but color us…nonplussed. Just in case any of you still care about such things, we’ll get out of the way and you’ll find all the official specs and officially hyperbolic information below.

Triumph Tiger 800:


Triumph Tiger 800 XC:



  • ike6116

    How much will these run you in here in the states?

    • Wes Siler

      There’s no prices yet.

  • NitroPye

    Price check isle 5.

  • Glenngineer

    Dissapointing that they site ground clearance as a relevant number in the literature but don’t provide it in the spec sheet.

    Market sucked, and has hurt the perception of the bike…but I think they bike is pretty nice. I’d like to ride one of these, so I can compare it to the F800GS. The non XC version might be a nice bike to ‘upgrade’ to for Versys riders.

  • Pete

    I am reserving judgment for a price. If this thing is around $10k, it will suddenly go from bland to tasty.

  • Johndo

    Yeah price will determine if we can forgive Triumph for treating us (and media) like idiots in the past year. Just hope they learned a lesson. It’s a great company with great bikes. They just don’t need to use those sleezy marketing methods to get great reviews.

  • killian101

    I dont see anything great. I mean, i can get a used Scrambler and with a little extra cash, turn it into a pretty good adventurer type bike…

    • Johndo

      I had a Scrambler. Great bike, but forget riding 500 miles in a day with a passenger and luggage on that. The Tiger 800 XC has nothing to do with a Scrambler (other then both having “some” off-road capabilities).

  • John

    We’ll buy the bike despite the bad marketing, unless it’s critically flawed.

    It’s the best 2011 bike news by a long shot.

  • John

    It’s always been pegged at being just over Street Triple in price, so should be right at $10K and under $11K for the two models without ABS.

  • voxveho

    Call me when they drop a properly tuned version of this engine in a Daytona.

    • MikeD

      +1.I think is going to be their next step when the 675 is ready for a Refresh(both mechanically and aestetically)…2012?
      They will work all and any bugs that could come out of it here on the Tigers before dumping it inside the next “Shrimp Version” Daytona.