Triumph Tiger 800 priced at $9,999

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According to an official bulletin sent to American Triumph dealers this afternoon (and included above), the Triumph Tiger 800 will start at just $9,999, going up to $11,799 for an ABS-equipped Triumph Tiger 800 XC. That’s substantially cheaper than a BMW F800GS, which starts at $11,455 and runs to $12,900 if you want ABS.

We reached out to Triumph USA for confirmation, but they only told us, “Wes we will confirm pricing on monday morning.”

The pricing settles the question as to what unique value the new Tiger adds to the mid-capacity adventure touring market. We were initially concerned by how close it is to the F800GS both in looks and specs, instead Triumph plans to compete with the Germans by undercutting them substantially.

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  • Pete

    $10k. I love it. If it’s cheap, who cares if it’s bland?!

    • Peter

      Bland…. How dare you :-)
      If people thinks it’s bland that’s because it’s torque curve isn’t a curve its flat, propper flat, just what this kind of bike needs, all the power all the time, purfect.

  • robotribe

    Well, if the pricing shown turns out to be accurate, then props to Triumph for knowing how to compete in today’s market.

    • Wes Siler

      It’s accurate.

      • robotribe

        Well damn.

        New Brit model priced lower than the competition = deep soul searching on Charlie and Ewan’s part for their next “adventure”.

        • Wes Siler

          I’m sure they’ll search their souls as far as who pays them the most to ride their bikes next time.

  • eric

    really want the 800xc now to see if i get the new position i want which makes it easy to afford instead of affordable.

  • NitroPye

    Solid competition is a good thing for us consumers. Love to see what BMW fires back with.

  • Glenngineer

    The DL1K has been long in the tooth for years, but this really does put it’s obsolescence in perspective.

    Suzuki is still trying to sell 09s at $9800 or so.


    what about the Thunderbird Storm?