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Sort of the two wheeled equivalent of those paper dolls you…err, your sister, could mix and match outfits on, a new website offers a simple tool for calculating and comparing motorcycle fit. For example, the silhouette in this photo represents my 6’ 2” frame and 34” inseam on a 2012 Yamaha Super Tenere. Looks like I should have no problem reaching the ground and my torso will be just forward of completely upright.

Cycle-Ergo works by comparing the stock measurements of a fairly extensive range of new bikes, employing a simple animation to visual the differences. The clever thing here is using a customizable rider silhouette that you can adapt to your own dimensions, making this much more useful than the typical spacial relationship triangles as it allows you to visualize your relationship with the bike.

My biggest ergonomic issue with the RSV4 is that the foot pegs are too damn high. Looking at how I fit on that bike next to the new Tuono, I can see that I’d only gain a more upright seating position thanks to the flat bars, but the angle of my legs would remain the same, meaning the naked bike won’t offer me much ergonomic advantage over the faired. Damn.

It’s the neatest thing I found on the Internet all weekend.


  • Your_Mom




  • Brammofan

    This is very cool. Wish they provided a contact address or form where you could request new bikes. And a “hipster” “real motorcyclist” “pirate” and “power ranger” option so that you had a better idea of what you’d look like on the bike.

  • mcfaite

    The Footpegs Are Too Damn High.

    Ha! Now, that was funny.

  • Johndo

    Simply brilliant.

  • Cheese302

    i hope it branches out to more bikes. it woudl be nice to do the same thing with some older bikes.

  • Mark D

    Oh boy, there goes what remaining productivity I had this Monday.

    Wow, the difference between the Daytona 675 and Street Triple is pretty amazing!

  • SpeedyMoto

    I love this thing, who made it?

    • Wes Siler

      Not sure, but it’s awesome.

  • hypergirl

    Ditto what Mark D said:

    “there goes what remaining productivity I had this Monday:)”

    Too much fun!

  • Biopsidy

    Excellent start… could see this branching out and becoming a “little” more useful, though, as it doesn’t (?) seem to factor in saddle width. For example, I’m a sure guy at about 5’4″ or 5″ (forget), but I know on the current Speed Triple I can’t even really tip toe that bike cause of how wide, but the chart says I’m only half way to my toes, so that’s not quite right

    • Johndo

      Im sure they could, you’d then have to pay 50$ a month to use the site :) I think it’s pretty freakin awesome for something that’s free!

  • rider33

    The best ergo tool I’ve ever seen and explains almost instantly why certain bikes I’ve owned fit like a glove while others never did no matter what did to try to modify them. Very, very helpful.

  • Ceolwulf

    This is excellent. I hope they add a bunch of older models as well.

  • Jordan

    It came from here.
    It does take seat width in to account, but that data isn’t easily available, so it just has one width for street bikes, and one for dirt bikes and dual sports.

    • Wes Siler

      Awesome, thank you. I don’t have a Something Awful account, if you do, could you ask the guy that made it to email me?

  • Ben W

    I wonder where they got the ergo measurements for the new Tuono; I haven’t seen them anywhere. Are they just overlaying pictures to make the claim?

    • Wes Siler

      They’re scaling the images using known measurements.

  • Michael

    awesome, good stuff

  • Kirk

    Sweet I was wondering how I would fit on an S1000RR as compared to a ZX-10. Now i dont have to drive an hour and a half to the nearest BMW dealership.