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“Handling to eat the asphalt frame and swingarm in aluminium.” The lost-in-translation list of not-quite-benefits in this official promo video for the Aprilia Tuono V4R are almost as bad as the Nickelback soundtrack. Yes, really, in the year 2010 a motorcycle manufacturer did actually pay to associate its product with Nu Metal. They might as well have just called the bike the Aprilia Tries Too Hard.

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via Motociclismo

  • carcanal

    looks are starting to grow on me, that music not so much.

  • je

    Looks like a bug.. Out dated looking bike to go with out dated music. I just don’t see a flow to it… Do not like

  • Filip

    Official promo video that looks like it was copy/pasted from promo brochure? When I click on videao, I expect at least some attempt of an action, actual riding. And why there is the water? Can any of you decode the message?

  • oliver

    ye lights a little off, surprising from an italian firm. something smaller and sharper would be better

  • seanslides

    Looks like Aprilia has been hit by the economy just like the rest of us; they’ve been reduced to hiring budget marketing dudes from the midwest.

  • je

    Marketing? You mean designers and the midwest has nothing to do with it. The midwest ( Kansas city, Chicago, etc) have some pretty well known marketing firms.
    Its like they watched top gun then transformers before pounding this out. Just fail in all parts..

  • Janak

    Do we really have to wait Another year before this bike hits the market … in the US ?

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, it’s going to be next fall.

  • Ray

    My four year old asked if it was a Star Wars motorcycle.

  • Paul

    that asphalt frame is going to have a lot of flex. ;)

  • Kurt

    Aprilia appear to have attempted the same thing with this bike vis-a-vis the RSV4 as they did with the v-twin, i.e., not dumbing down the bike too much as a naked. If so, I’ll forgive the somewhat awkward looks to get 90-95 percent of the performance potential of the sportbike.

  • DoctorNine

    Well, the music is a slice of time. And for myself personally, I happen to like the style. But I’m really not sure why that particular song is supposed to mean something in association with this bike. And the ‘Riders on the Storm’ images would have been better with the Doors’ cover. Of course that’s never going to happen, so I am left wondering what the point of the whole thing is, as Filip says.