Video: Ducati 1198S > Ferrari 458 Italia

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That’s it, the argument is settled. And settled by a car magazine no less. Motor Trend pitted a Ducati 1198S against a Ferrari 458 Italia, both driven by professional racers, and found the bike to be faster both in a straight line and around a road course. Don’t worry cagers, Motor Trend says the $240,000 Ferrari is “easer to drive.”

Also, why is Motor Trend doing a better job at aping Top Gear than Top Gear USA?

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Motor Trend via Autoblog

  • Turf

    1198: This one goes to 11

  • Nick

    Bikes totally ruined cars for me forever. Screw a 458, $240,000 is jet pack money :)
    Didn’t see episode 2 but one thing I learned in episode 1: Tanner Foust needs to fire his simile writer.

  • Mdynamic

    Wow, this is surprisingly well produced. They definitely took some cues form Top Gear UK on this one.

  • alexio

    This wasn’t Top Gear, it was Motortrend.

    It was well produced, a bit cheesy in the beginning but surprisingly well put together and edited.

  • Miticale

    Bang for Buck: you’re doing it wrong!

    • mugget

      Haha, very good!

  • Scott Pargett

    “The problem with the Ducati is that it takes skill to be good it, any moron can look great the Ferarri.”

    Here’s to the future of computers enabling douchebags with trust funds.

    • mcfaite

      Never fear – there will always be morons who can’t even get it together enough to look great in a Ferrari:

    • seanslides

      Said another way: Sorry, no motorcycle posing allowed.

    • mugget

      Yep, it’s true. Except that I don’t see it as a problem – I see it as a challenge. If someone is fast on a bike, they are just fast. It’s never going to be just because of any electronic (or other) aids.

      I could drive a fast car faster than I could ride a fast bike fast, that’s for sure… heck – throw in some slides in every corner in the car, 4 wheels are too easy!

  • Sasha Pave

    Bike dominance is a hard lesson for any exotic car owner.

  • Case

    What happens to the lap times when you take a below-average rider and an average driver? @MotorTrend, I’ve got the below-average rider part covered. Email me.

  • R.Sallee

    Definitely aping Top Gear here, might as well I s’pose. Shouldn’t be ten minutes long, tighten that up and learn to recite excited lines more convincingly. Talking to MT of course…

  • BMW11GS

    haha definitely highlights how its the rider and not the bike/car! To all those on liter bikes you have no excuse not to rule the road! its not the bike thats slow its you!

  • zipp4

    I really love these car/motorcycle comparo’s but they really don’t offer much in terms of substance. It says a lot more about course layout and driver skill than anything else.

  • Myles

    Imagine how bad the beating would have been if they used a CBR1k instead of duck duck goose?

  • scottydigital

    TOP GEAR USA SUCKS! What the fuck are they on about?

    Good job MT, this is epic! Awesome Vid!