Video: Rossi rides Ducati

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OMG, OMG, OMG, it’s finally happened! Earlier today, Valentino Rossi put in his first laps on a Ducati Desmosedici at Valencia. The purpose of this two-day test is to help Ducati determine whether to run a screamer or big bang engine configuration on the GP11.

Update: Rossi was eighth fastest in today’s test, his best lap was 1.8 seconds behind Lorenzo’s.

Photo: Grant Ray

“We have to decide the kind of engine we will use next year. To do that it’s necessary to compare the two types,” Filippo Preziosi, the general manager of Ducati Corse, told “Unfortunately that means we can’t just work on one bike to get the best set-up in order to achieve the best lap time. This is a problem for the rider because it matters to them when they are competing with the other riders, they always want to get the best time! We will ask Valentino to help us with that.”

Preziosi said they’ll also be testing a new fairing and fork over the two-day test. Rossi is scheduled to complete the test at 11am EST, hopefully we’ll be able to bring you more quotes then.

It’s worth noting that Rossi is riding in Dainese D-Air, which Hell For Leather has exclusive details of.


  • Mark D

    And just like that, all of Italy turned into hysterical, screaming teenage girls!

    • Grant Ray

      Don’t act like you’re not geeking out, too. This is like Ago riding for MV Agusta.

      • Mark D

        Its not real until they paint that test mule Ducati red :)

        • Wes Siler

          Don’t you mean suns-n-moon multicolor mosaic, yellow tragedy?

      • seanslides

        I’m not one to geek out easily, but I think that’s all I needed to see to buy my subscription to MotoGP for next year.

  • gregorbean

    I just jizzed all over my Italian loafers. It looks just like a 46! Cazzo! I kid I kid, I truly am excited to see The Doctor operate on the Ducati.

  • Johndo

    Nice bike, and sounds mean.

  • MisterGone

    The 2011 GP is going to be absolutely fantastic, Spies and Lorenzo battling Rossi on a new and hopefully improved Ducati and Stoner on the impressive Honda. Not to mention that Moto2 is turning out to be very exciting, hell the last race was an absolute nail bitter. Oh well, at least there is some damn good rollergirl derby matches to help tide me through winter.

  • jayspeed

    Cool–I sort of like the Tron-inspired leathers. Only he can pull that off though.

    • robotribe

      The Doctor could wear pink leathers with Hello Kitty all over it and still pull that off.

  • Jose


  • BN.

    Hearing that much angry from one little machine never gets old.

  • jwinter

    I always expect the snark but it’s good to see you guys are excited to see how Rossi looks on the new bike. Preziosi already said he can’t believe how concise Rossi’s input on the bike was after just a few laps. If he can iron the kinks out of that thing, it’ll be a true monster.

  • gregorbean

    So, has Jensen rubbed your ass(es) yet?

    • Wes Siler

      We’re still waiting…

      • gregorbean

        It’s kind of hilarious that he still shamelessly used it at Assrub. Did you know he would or was it just a good guess?

        • Wes Siler

          Modified it after he put it up. Shameless copying to that degree is just stupifying. And stupid. Readers can tell.

          • gregorbean

            Seriously. Assrub can’t hold a candle. Any hack can regurgitate stories and call it work. And all the more respect to you guys for punking him on his own site. I got a chuckle out of that one.

          • DougD

            Wow. Nov. 10, 7:20 a.m. and it’s still up at A&R …

  • Michael

    hell to the yeah

  • Turf

    I’ve waited for this day for so long ::tears up::

  • BuellDoc

    Wish I could save the video so I can watch it over and over till 2011 season begins

  • Sasha Pave

    Wow, I got a little choked up watching that.

    Qatar can’t come too soon!

  • mugget

    Any of you guys follow Alex Briggs Twitter? He said there was spontaneous applause when the rider first sat on the bike. I think that just about sums it up.

    Gonna be very interesting to see how everyone goes when they’re up to speed next year. Gotta wonder if Rossi will maybe change his riding style a little bit? And race commentators have said of Stoner that you can hear when he is coming just because of the ‘tortured’ sound coming out of his Ducati (even amongst the five or so other Ducatis on track). Gonna be fun to see him torture a Honda!

  • incon

    I’m really looking forward on whats going to happen with the MotoGP next year.