Video: the complete 2010 Macau Grand Prix

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Held on the streets of a special administrative region of China, the Macau Grand Prix’s Guia circuit is 3.8 miles long and, at its narrowest point, jut 22.8 feet wide. That last figure is particularly important because that’s not between two nice, soft patches of grass, but between 10-foot tall walls of Armco. Think of Macau as Chinese cross between the Isle of Man and Monaco.  A new lap record was set by Saturday’s race winner with an average speed of over 102mph. The complete race is embedded below.

Photo: Gary Inman

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  • paul

    Thanks this is worth the subscription fee alone


  • Turf

    Hell of a ride by Easton, the onboard camera shots were insane.

  • T Diver

    Was this on TV? It seems like everyplace other than LA has better racing coverage. My life sucks.

    • Wes Siler

      To the best of my knowledge, it wasn’t broadcast anywhere in America.

  • GoFasterPB

    Thanks for this. Cant wait to watch this tonight after work instead of doing important things.

  • wwalkersd

    That looks like running bikes on the sort of street circuits used for cars, e.g., Monaco or Long Beach. I guess whether Armco or a stone building has more give to it when you hit it depends on the cement used in the building.

  • DougD

    Go ahead and skip the third video unless you can comprehend Chinese or just really enjoy watching Chinese sporting fans.

  • mugget

    Awesome. I can never find any coverage of this, great to see it!

  • John

    That is crazy! I have always read about the race however, had never seen it.

  • Mr.Paynter

    Videos never seem to work for me. FML.

  • pinkyracer

    thanks!!!! I love that there are Brammo girls running amok, and with Playboy girls. Would be ever cooler if there was a Brammo in the race…

  • damien

    i can’t believe how slow that rescue was in vid 2.