What if the Street Triple inherited the Speed Triple’s new lights?

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Triumph Che Passione envisages what a Triumph Street Triple would look like fitted with the controversially not-round headlights from the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple. We actually kind of like it.

  • robotribe

    As a Striple owner, I approve.

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

    There’s very little you could do to that bike to make it un-sexy.

    • robotribe

      A confession: I don’t think my ST3 is particularly pretty, let alone sexy. In fact, I thought the rounds lights were bizarre. It’s a hot tangled mess of intersections around the engine and frame.

      That all said, all it took was one ride for me to learn to love all of those things that I didn’t find favorable. That motor is crack cocaine. This bike is the proverbial average looking girl who’s a absolute maniac in bed.

      Sarah Silverman on the outside, Jenna Jameson on the inside.

      • voxveho

        I always thought “ugly-pretty” was what Triumph was going for in the Speed3.

        This takes it to a new level though. “Beat with an ugly stick,” I think is the appropriate idiom.

  • http://www.twitter.com/beastincarnate Beast Incarnate

    Isn’t that the older flyscreen, not the one updated for the new headlights? It’d be a subtle change, but even better.

  • 2ndderivative

    Some of the response to the new headlights has been hilarious. You’d think they’d replaced the engine with a hamster.

    • BN.

      I agree. I’m all for keeping with tradition, but I think it’s a subtle enough change.

  • Bald Shaun

    I don’t care for those lights on the Speed Triple, but for some reason, they actually look pretty damn good on the StreetIII.

  • occam

    Doesn’t look that bad, because they changed just the lights. With the 2011 Speed Triple the headlights were simply the most obvious manifestation of a bigger problem. Anyway, judging from the reactions (or lack thereof) on here and on other american websites it’s becoming apparent who was Triumph’s target audience in their market research.

  • http://worldof2.com/ jpenney


    I like the lights on the Speedy too. Caveat: must have the fly screen.

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee

    As a future Street Triple owner (it’s inevitable), I clicked expecting to vomit. Profusely. But that’s not bad at all.

    Why does it look worse on the Speed? Is it the inherently sportier character of the Street 3 that makes the more modern shape more welcome?

  • Bald Shaun

    @R.Sallee. I think Occam has a good point. Also the more modern looking headlamps just fit better on the more lean, lithe, modern, and angular StreetIII. The SpeedIII on the other hand is a big brute. A hooligan. And a modern classic. These newer lights just don’t fit it IMHO. They’re like putting nerd glasses on a football player. Just don’t look right. I expect to see a lot of headlamp conversions going on.

  • Johndo

    Weird enough the new lights seem to fit better on the previous model lines. This Street looks awesome.

    I also think one of the reason why it looked so bad on the new Speed is the flyscreen missing just make the front look unbalanced. Here you have a nice flyscreen on a slim bike, just looks great.

  • laughing_guitarist

    To all those who are surprised that the Streety looks better with these lights than the Speedy: It’s all about the placement of the lamps in relation to the rest of the bike. When I first saw pics of the Speedy, I shopped the lights to be closer to the bike and slighly lower and it made ALL the difference. It ended up looking very much like the above, actually. I hope they realize this and fix it in a later iteration of the Speed. If they DO transplant the new lamps onto the Striple, I hope they place them properly!

  • cookey

    latest monster headlight, no fly screen, clip-ons and 3 into 1 short low exhaust…

  • Cajun58

    I like it too but looking at this bike and/or the 2011 Triumph Speed Triple I get an overwhelming urge to watch the Disney Pixar animated classic WALL-E.

  • incon

    Just noticed a shit load of Rizoma bling on the bike. That alone make the bike look a lot different.