786 riders enter 2010 Catalina Grand Prix

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786 riders will be racing at the Catalina Grand Prix this weekend, including Roland Sands, ex TT-racer Jamie Robinson, Parisian photographer Dimitri Coste and FMX superstar Ronnie Renner. Saturday will mark the first time motorcycles have raced on the California island since 1958.

Update: a neat event map added below courtesy of Woody.

Like the 1950s original, this weekend’s event will be open to a wide range of motorcycles, with classes for everything from 1950s desert racers to modern Hare & Hound machines. There’s 12 total racers spread over Saturday and Sunday, with an average of 80 riders in each race.

Racers have to put up with a bunch of Catalina Island-specific rules like not being able to even turn on their engines outside of an actual race or do any tuning once they’ve dropped their bikes off for shipping, but the whole thing looks to be remarkably spectator-friendly. No tickets of any kind are needed, but you will need to get yourself from Los Angeles over to the island either by air or on the Catalina Express.

We dropped the ball on making travel arrangements in time, but HFL superfriend Sean Smith will be documenting the race for us. Look for his photos and account next week.

There’s material from the 1950s programs in the gallery along with an exceptionally difficult-to-read course map.

Red Bull Catalina Grand Prix

  • Andy Keech

    hmm, wonder who’ll be in the beauty contest this year…

    • T Diver

      Same women. Although, they will be in wheel chairs this time.

  • seanslides

    That course map seriously sucks. I’m crossing my fingers that it’s completely inaccurate and hoping that I don’t have to hike up into the hills to see some racing.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Sounds like a good wholesome fun-time!

    You can always count on Red Bull to put together a rockin’ event, wish I could be there. Looking forward to some coverage or a feature here!