Bathroom Burnouts: best meme ever

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It all started last spring, when a couple of guys, who were up to no good, started making trouble at Infineon. Now, it’s the web’s hottest meme, with everyone from government lawyers to small, Ducati-riding children getting involved.

Actually, the meme started when Brammofan, pictured above, was possessed with a shocking streak of environmental unfriendliness and did a burnout inside a basement bar in Kansas City earlier this week.

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It’s also worth noting that Harry’s apparently stolen his Enertia from HFL as it’s clearly wearing a watermark.

Not content to let Brammofan take all the glory for himself, @HWoodElectrics soon responded with this video. Bonus points for appropriate safety gear and actually doing a bathroom burnout in a bathroom, but serious points off as that’s clearly an electric scooter, not a motorcycle.

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Then there’s this adorable video of @Skadamo’s kids. Cuteness, the bathroom and the Ducati score high, but they forget the all important bird flip. We’re questioning John’s parenting skills after such a shocking omission.

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And here’s the original video. Note the extraordinary level of safety precautions taken and the complete sobriety of all involved.

Now, Hell For Leather in no way endorses dangerous and lewd behavior like that demonstrated above, so definitely don’t do any bathroom burnouts yourself.

  • Brammofan

    Oh Geeze… my sweet innocent children are going to find this on the internets and then I will never be able to regain the high moral ground, at least on the subject of obscene gestures.

    On the plus side, I was going to post this same article on my blog, but I like your angle on it better.

  • Turf

    HAHAHA I wondered if an article would pop up on this. I think i’m going to have to join in on the fun.

  • dan

    Dan Kastner!!!!!

  • noone1569

    *ponders if he can sneak his xb12r into a bathroom anywere*

    • je

      I’ll bring over my xb9 so we can do twin burnouts while giving twin birds…

      • noone1569

        Sold, for sure, I need to kill this tire off anyway =)

  • Mark D

    Nicely done Gentlemen, nicely done.

  • je

    I guess I need to start going to the HoAME meetings…

  • T Diver

    It sounds like a challenge. My bathroom is on the second floor though. Does anyone have a trials bike I can use?

  • skadamo

    T Diver, the Zero Mx should do stairs… (shameless link drop)

    My kids are going to thank me for making them internet celebrities at such a young age. Glad I cut the part with Zach flip’n the bird.

    Here’s to hoping there are enough electric riders with no respect for linoleum to keep this meme going!

  • Brad

    Smokin’ in the boys’ room?