BMW G450X vs bobsleigh

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One BMW-sponsored bobsleigh, one frozen ice track, one BMW G450X and a couple hundred screws for the tires. Pitting a dirt bike against a bobsleigh in its home environment might seem like a one-sided battle, until you realize the bike’s running the track in reverse.

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  • Footshifted

    Kind of cool, but I wonder why they didn’t splice in the shots from each mounted cam as they pass each other? That would have made it better….

    • Wes Siler

      Those GoPros are super unreliable, they probably turned off or lost the footage or something.

      • Nick

        +1 right there, I bought one about 2 years ago and it has worked maybe 3 times.

        Cool video! I do find it hard to believe BMW “broke” into the course however :)

      • Dylan

        Had mine for a while and havent had a single problem. As long as you dont cheap out and make sure to use a good card its amazing. Plus its practically indestructible and GoPros support is great. But I have one of the newer HDs so maybe its a problem with the older ones.

  • holdingfast

    pretty crazy.. red bull. there you go, hahaha

  • Case

    That was cool. The ‘break in’ part was cheese, but running the two vehicles on the track at the same time, in opposite directions? That is bad ass.

  • Cajun58

    Is that how you learn to work a bobsleigh, luge or skeleton?