BMW sears logo into audience’s minds

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In the same way looking directly at the sun or at car headlights at night leaves an after-image when you close your eyes, BMW used a 4,800 watt-second Profoto Pro 7B flash to burn its logo into the eyes of a theater audience. This was apparently harmless.

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Neat, but what does this say about the BMW S1000RR?

via Bikes in the Fast Lane

  • noone1569

    Where and when did this happen? Not much detail here. What movie? What sort of audience? Why?

    • Wes Siler

      Ooops, i forgot the damn video

      • noone1569

        I’ll let it slide this time, as it is your Birthday afterall. Happy Birthday.

        • Wes Siler

          Thanks :)

  • george_fla

    That is damn cool!

  • Core

    Neat. But I hope advertising never gets to the point where you see crap in your dreams.

  • tropical ice cube

    Duh? Subliminal Ads are forbidden in most civilise3d countries, so why pull such a stunt? OK to do it on a volunteer guinea-pig audience, but no way you’re going to do that in theatres.
    ?? So what ?? Just for… The buzz maybe ??
    Damn, those guys don’t know what else to try to get their chance at creating viral content. And I see no reason this add should get viral. It’s cheesy. Not sweet, but sweet as in too-much-syrup-no-space-left-for-water sweet.
    Poor Ruben.

  • stephan

    vice champion?

    • Wes Siler

      I noticed that too. Must be a lost-in-translation attempt to say he placed 2nd in the SBK championship in 2003…on a Ducati.

  • mugget

    It’s in my mind!!