Corazzo Shop jacket: Field Test

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For the latest real world, real rider review in our Field Test series, we gave Corazzo’s stylish unisex Shop jacket to east coast vintage racer and Vespa Soho service manager A.D. Crawford to break in when he wasn’t busy working on bikes or enjoying short walks to bars. Can a $179 textile jacket really serve the everyday needs of a real rider? Click below for the feature.

Field Test: Corazzo Shop jacket

  • BMW11GS

    size small is for like 13 and under…no wonder the armor didn’t work for this dude. duh!

  • Roman

    Good looking urban jacket. Are these being sold in the States?

    • Peter

      Yep. You can get them online. Many scooter shops seem to carry them too.

  • jeremy

    Haven’t tried any of their jackets, but I bought their balaclava sweatshirt a couple of weeks ago and I fucking love it. Perfect for cold weather riding, bicycle or motorcycle and it fits me perfectly.

  • RWerksman

    Feature doesn’t work in Chrome. :(

  • Gavin

    still doesn’t work in chrome…

    • Wes Siler

      What doesn’t, the feature window? Disable your pop up blocker. If the problem persists send us a detailed email with your browser/os combo.

  • Gavin

    no, it was showing as a black window. it seems to be working now though.

  • Jordan

    Wow I’d really like to watch this but it doesnt work. I tried Chrome and IE with Windows 7 x64