Custom: Gregg’s Ride For Kids CBR1000RR

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With a paint scheme inspired by a 1981 CB750 Super Sport, Gregg’s Customs built this Honda CBR1000RR for this year’s Ride For Kids charity raffle. Visitors to any of the International Motorcycle Shows will be able to buy tickets to win it for just $5 with proceeds going to the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. Parts include RSD wheels and a LeoVince exhaust, but it’s really the custom fab’d bodywork and the Super Sport paint that catch our eye.

via Performance Machine

  • Mark D

    That’s an AWESOME paint job. The gold wheels are bit much, though.

    • Mark D

      Black would be more appropriate, and classier, I think.

  • slowtire

    The instrument cluster/light pod thing is certainly interesting.
    Don’t know if I like it or not.

    • slowtire

      Don’t really care much for gold wheels, but these I like. Certainly is a nice looking bike overall.

  • slowestGSXRever

    I gotta say, I think it looks pretty classy with the gold wheels.

  • BN.

    I love it just because of the pseudo number plate.

  • Case

    I wanted to see a closer picture of the tail section and machined(?) license plate frame.

  • motoguru

    I love it. All of it.

  • je

    That headlight is terrible and a fan of the paint. Other then that I like. Those wheels are beyond badass!

  • fenigstein

    If you’ve seen this bike in person, it is beautifully fabricated and designed. One of the cleanest and purest streetfighters I’ve ever seen. The headlight is also much better looking in person… not nearly as awkward as the photos make it appear.

    • seanslides

      It all sorts of ungainly in the photos. It looks like Admiral Akbar lost an eye and ended up as a headlight.

  • fodderbox

    This is sweet. A true “naked” sports bike. I was put off by the headlight treatment at first, like “whoah”, but I think it’s sweet.

  • Zane H

    I like it, especially the retro paint. I could go either way with the wheels, but they fit with the rest of the retro inspired design. They keep coming up with interesting stuff for the Ride for Kids raffles, keep ‘em coming for a great cause!

  • AkiraClownGang

    Very cool!

  • NickK

    Aluminum body panels and headlight housing (not that I like the headlight housing design) FTW.

    Pretty sweet.

  • Jeremy

    I’d buy a couple of tickets for that!