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Spending just $735 (AUD) on the build, industrial designer Nick Eterovic set out to create this bike in order to win Saturday’s Deus Ex Machina Boundless Enthusiasm Bike Build-Off. Despite having less than two month’s notice, win he did, taking home both the official first place and the people’s choice award. Much Much Go is based on a 1979 Honda CB250T and manages to blur the lines between a board track racer, a chopper and a flat tracker.

The Build-Off was judged by Bike EXIF’s Chris Hunter, who says Much Much Go stood out from the beginning. Starting with that CB250, Nick cut off the rear subframe to mount the shocks lower and rotate the whole thing backwards, then raked out the forks even further to achieve symmetry in the distance between the engine and both wheels. The tank is original to the bike, just repaired and repainted and the exhausts and headers are just average aftermarket exhaust tubing sprayed with heat-resistant paint.

Those exhausts and the matching underseat intakes lend Much Much Go its main visual drama, acting like a mechanical equivalent of a flame paint job in lending the bike a sense of visceral speed.

The rest of the build is incredibly simple, relying mostly on standard parts reconfigured to achieve the unique look. Check out the bars mounted under the top yoke, the idiot lights mounted in that yoke and the plain old battery box mounted behind the engine. No faux chrome oil tank battery cover here. It’s the honesty of parts like the stock forks still wearing their brake disc mounts that makes Much Much Go feel much more tangible than most custom bikes.

The badging, with the Japanese rockabilly on the tank and “Much Much Go” stenciled on the back tire manages to be both kitschy and subtle, a nice simile for the build itself.

Deus Ex Machina

There’s 31 high-res photos in this gallery, 25 of which are exclusive.

  • Mark D

    That is a classy custom! And less than a grand? That’s just plain ingenious. I love those old Honda Comstar wheels.

  • skadamo

    Love it. I think the tank graphic is my favorite part.

  • Your_Mom

    Very well done. Nice to see the efforts result in something so integrated. That said, he is an industrial designer so had that as a leg-up over his rivals. I think this bike reinforces the old adage of “less is more.”

  • Your_Mom

    Re the tank’s character, does anyone else see this as a sort of Kim Jung Il as Elvis?

  • Ed

    1) Loving the 250cc revival! Keep it up HFL!
    II) Love the fact that he took a cheap bike, and used his mind rather than his money to make it look like a million bucks!
    c) Love that it looks like it would be a hoot to ride too! er …. where are the front brakes?

  • Edward

    ‘just average aftermarket exhaust tubing sprayed with heat-resistant paint’.. that are burning through your thighs marginally quicker than the paint is flaking off… under a grand indeed. This is just an exercise in styling, right? I mean, yes it is pretty but..

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, not to mention how loud it would be or how difficult it’d be to stop. But, while this is clearly a bike for looking at, it doesn’t look like making it a rider would be terribly difficult.

    • Grant Ray

      Yes, it’s “just an exercise in styling”, a.k.a. “art.” It’s not a class-based racer of any kind and it certainly isn’t legal for transportation on most of the world’s state-maintained public roads. It’s really pretty, though.

      • BeastIncarnate

        What is this “art” of which you speak? Does it have more horsepower than a Busa?

        • Wes Siler

          “Art” status = + 50bhp. That’s even more than an extended swingarm nets you.

  • Edward

    ok, very pretty.

  • Rosario

    yay for art, boo for motorcycling. It’s peerty, but really. Next year the requirement should include a road worthy certificate. Then some real interesting ideas would burn through. It’s all good to get a Ducati bilge pump to push a few feet of tubing up the road, as one of the entrants showed, so next year i’ll get the window wiper motor out of my truck to power a miniature motorcycle guided by a mouse. That would be within their guidelines. If deus wasn’t associated, I don’t believe this bike would have the hype HFL and a few other blogs have given it.

    By the by, the comp was based around low cost. Doesn’t deus sell a base SR for around 13 grand? I mean their cafe thing with a 9 lt tank and shitty firestone tires that ‘look cool’ goes for over 24. Awesome for whats turned into a t-shirt company.

    Final gripe. Bald tires. Hipsterific.

  • raphmay

    has anyone here bad mouthing this bike heard of fun?motorbikes are meant to be fun and building your own, whether it is to ride or simply to look at should be fun. Sure it may not be roadworthy, but different strokes for different folks and who has the right to say “boo for motorcycling” just because they don’t like what someone else has created.

  • Rosario

    Who has the right? Me. It’s my opinion. You have yours, that sort of thing.

  • raphmay

    Well I would love to see you build a better bike for $735 AUD.

  • Rosario

    why? stop caring so much. You think it’s fun, i’m not a salivating fan. It’s easy on the eye, but silly in mine. I’m sure everyone in the world doesn’t like your hair cut. Do you challenge them to a trimming contest? Wait. Does this mean you’ll send me 735 bucks? Cheers.

  • Pavalover

    Rosario, you sound slightly retarded with your statements. But hey, that’s just my opinion.