Custom: RAD02 Pursang by Radical Ducati

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Translating roughly to “thoroughbred,” you’re probably thinking of Bultaco’s old motocrosser when you hear “Pursang.” Instead, Spanish company Radical Ducati is using the term to define a new bike that’s not quite a cafe racer, not quite a street fighter and not quite a retro, but something in between. The RAD02 monicker denotes one of the firm’s air-cooled, trellis-framed models; the Pursang uses a Multistrada 1100 motor, Monster S2R single-sided swingarm and the ubiquitous, Michael Uhlarik-penned MT-03 headlight.

Update: Radical Ducati has provided more information.

Photos: Javier Fuentes

While the Pursang isn’t as successful as the Radical Ducati 9 1/2 at fusing existing Ducati mechanicals into something altogether greater, it does do a nice job of blending contemporary and classic design elements to achieve an original look. The chrome accents on the tank, the muted red, the black and white stripes and the white frame all add a sense of the classical to the utterly contemporary forms of the bodywork and mechanical components. The only problem here seems to be rather garish parts catalog hop up parts like the brake disc carriers, open clutch cover and fussy Marchesini wheels. Rather than parts like the spider web front sprocket cover, focus instead at the heat-wrapped exhaust pipes, high-mount megaphone canister, and the exposed  mechanicals of the Keihin FCR41 carbs.

Radical Ducati says, “RAD 02 PURSANG  is a tribute to the  motocross bikes of the ‘70s and ‘80s when spanish bikes like Bultaco  Montesa and Ossa was so appreciated in all over the World.”

“The paint has been inspired  by the  old Husqvarna 410  and the frame in white is a remembering of the carbureted Ducati  900SS and 851 of the early ‘90s.”

“We like to make bikes with inspiration from Ducati’s race history, as we have make with the 9 1/2 or from the ‘70s-‘80s, because sometimes “old times”  are much better than modern times!”

“RAD 02 are  hand made race bikes fabricated and designed by us. We fabricate even the frame ( own design) in aluminum (4kg) or Cromo molibdeno (8kg).”

Here’s a complete parts list:
- RAD02 Cromomolibdeno Frame
- S2R Swingarm
- Marchesini Alluminium Forged Wheels
- RAD Ergal Triple Clamps
- Rizoma Handlebar and Risers
- Ohlins Fork
- MT03 Front Light
- Discacciati Brake Rotors Calipers and Radial Pump
- Multistrada 1100 Engine, ported Heads, DP Camshafts, NCR Titanium Big Valves, EVR Antihooping Dry Clutch
- Keihin FCR41 Carburators
- 2 in 1 WolfMan Exhaust System
- SPARK Megaphone
- Ohlins Rear Schock
- RAD Height Rod
- RAD02 Alluminium Fuel Tank
- RAD02 Corsa Evo Carbon Fiber Solo Seat
- RAD Leds Rear Light
- Led Blinkers
- Rizoma Rear Sets
- Discacciati Radial Clutch Puma
- EVR Clutch Actuator.

Radical Ducati

  • Mike Brooklyn

    That is the most gorgeous bike i think i have ever seen.

    a) This is what i was imagining when i was street fightering my zx6rr

    b)BikeExif eat your heart out

  • Devin

    I love single-sided swingarms but I don’t find this bike looks good with one. The forward seating position makes it look too detached from the bike.

  • Chris

    Mike B: as Wes correctly notes, it’s ain’t a patch on the 9 1/2 that we exclusively revealed a while back on Bike EXIF.


  • Myles

    Should be all black. Should definitely be all black. Or muted red. Or muted gold. Or a weird metal dark grey gunmetal type deal.

    Shiny italian and glossy and jersey shore and stuff red? ehhh, let’s leave the hair-gel out of bikes like this.

    Love the handlebars, tho.

    • miles_prower

      I respectfully disagree. I love the shiny/glossy Jersey Shore colors here!

  • je

    White frame looks real good and I think those wheels could make about any bike stand out. Probably the best exhaust setup I have seen on a naked duc.

  • miles_prower

    I also like the Multistrada-based JvB MOTO Multi Scrambler for its classic looks and muted aesthetics.

  • DoctorNine

    Like the design generally. I’d have personally done the frame in gunmetal. But that exhaust looks like some wild pubic hair just sticking out there. Which may or may not look good to you, I guess.

  • mugget


    I love that photo from the rear, it is so slim! You could really wrap your legs around that and have a great old time!

  • Chris

    I love it! The Spanish do however favor some odd color combinations don’t they…

  • incon

    Other then the white frame it’s a very nice bike.

  • stabmaster

    the bike is amazing..

  • Ted

    All that attention to detail and it looks like they used the world’s largest black zip-ties on the frame…

  • AkiraClownGang

    I dig it!