Don’t let Paraplegia stop you from riding motocross

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In 2007, Swiss Open Champion Marc Ristori crashed during a supercross race, paralyzing his legs. Now confined to a wheelchair, he hasn’t ridden since. Until now. Equipped with modifications to retain and protect his leg, Marc’s new bike is allowing him to return to the motocross track. That first ride is captured in this video. Marc’s got balls.

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Marc Ristori

Thanks for the tip, David.

  • JRl

    That guy’s got some good friends. Good video.

  • hedrives

    That is very cool.

  • James

    Youtube wont let me see it over here in the UK, which sucks because I work in a special needs school and would love to show the kids this vid. God-damned WMG.

  • James

    Found the video elsewhere on some polish website…,art193.html

    I knew that Matt Rebeaud was a good bloke.

  • ike6116

    Moto/Supercross Legend David Bailey did something similar to this according to his Wikipedia page:

  • Cajun58

    Undoubtably needs a very large helmet bag just to carry those huevos gigantes. The world would be a better place if all loved riding this much. It is a privledge to have witnessed that kind of courage.

  • Core

    This video makes me almost want to cry. Manly tears of course! Its awesome to see this man keep going.

  • fasterfaster


  • george_fla

    Moving! There is also a video worth checkin out on that “tube” site of Doug Henry rippin’ it up on a YZ450 with a roll bar.

  • Ducky

    Pretty fast for half a person (I keed =D)!

    You know though, for a daily commuter I can easily imagine him piloting a Piaggio MP3 with a CVT transmission and linked ABS(it even auto uprights on stops). It just needs a mechanism in the back (instead of a passenger area) that will unfold and lower a wheelchair in the back for him to turn around and hop into. Hmm…

  • Yann
  • Ryan

    just choked up. thanks for posting this.