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According to KTM president Stefan Pierer, the company is developing a 250 or 300cc version of the new KTM 125 Duke and says it should be ready in about 18 months. “We’re working on a 250cc up to 300cc single-cylinder engine, also four valves with twin overhead camshafts,” Pierer told Alan Cathcart. “This has more or less the same external dimensions so we can install it in the existing 125 Duke model platform, and thus be able to offer the level up in the model ladder to our customer as he gains experience.”

Pierer also told Cathcart that the company has already developed a 200cc power-up kit for the 125 Duke that produces 24hp to the stock bike’s 15.

“We’ll only have to change the header pipe and maybe the throttle body to install the bigger motor, either as a kit or a straight engine swap,” Robert Prielinger, the head of R&D for the 125, explained to Cathcart. The 200 could even be offered as a separate model in markets not subject to EU learner laws that make the 125cc capacity popular there.

The KTM 125 Duke was released at the Intermot Show in October and is a very significant step for the company into a new market. At €3,500 it represents an affordable entry into the 125cc class, which is the largest bike 16-year-olds can ride in the EU. Manufacturing the bike in partnership with Bajaj from largely India-sourced parts helps deliver that low price and points the way for other, affordable future models. The Duke weighs a very symmetrical 125kg (wet) and, according to Cathcart, will reach an indicated top speed of 77mph. The biggest name in flying around the world and riding new bikes goes on to say that the Duke rides like a larger motorcycle, but the lack of power is frustrating.

“The 250/300 will come around 18 months after the 125 Duke,” continues Pierer. “And the same concept we are doing on the 125/250 I later want to do in the 400cc and 600cc categories, too, as our younger customers and those in emerging markets move up the displacement ladder.”

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Thanks for the tip, Miles_Prower.

  • ike6116

    I love the look of these bikes

  • http://bloodfalcons.blogspot.com motoguru


  • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee

    35 hp and I’m there.

  • miles_prower

    “The 200 could even be offered as a separate model in markets not subject to EU learner laws that make the 125cc capacity popular there.”

    Perhaps the US?

  • Ken D

    I bet there’s a sweet spot with these things; a magic place where the twin suns of power and weight align and peace and harmony are restored to the cosmos. The way a GSXR 750 is somehow better than a 600 or a 1000. That would be worth knowing. My money is on 400cc.

    • Beale

      I agree. The sweet spot will probably be around 350-400cc.

    • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee


    • je

      If they produce a 400cc version I will have new mode of transportation to work…. Assuming the price is reasonablec

  • Roman

    Should be one hell of a fun city bike. Like a supermoto with more style. Looking forward to bigger versions, for sure.

  • BN.

    So very giddy.

  • Kyle

    Man, if they had a 250 out now I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one tomorrow.

    • Taco

      I can’t wait 18 months. KTM, drop everything and fast track the 250.

  • http://www.lloydvintage.com lloydvintage

    There is a huge deficit in the half liter bike segment now. How about a 500cc 90 degree twin.

  • AkiraClownGang

    KTM, if you are listening, PLEASE bring the larger displacement Dukes to the USA. This bike looks cool as hell, please stop depriving us of fun! Thanks!

  • Matt the sperglord

    I like the idea of a kit to sleeve up displacement, fuel, and exhaust that comes straight from the factory.

    Use the 125 for learner laws and when you’re done, you don’t have to buy a brand new bike when you want some more power. Brilliant!

  • Trev

    I know it is probably going to have some features that I am not going to like, but I might be in to buy one if this comes to light.

    One of those features, digital reading speedometers; I am sick of it and that is one thing that would turn me off. Now I am not talking about a lcd that has all of the engine’s vitals, but it would be nice if they could leave the speedo and tach as analog units.

    • Trev

      Also, they should focus on keeping the small bikes as reliable as they can be. Otherwise, they will grow a bad reputation with the entry level riders (in any country).