Mountain bike + pit bike = Motoped

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Remember Project M85? It housed a tiny pit bike motor in a package about the same size as a mountain bike. The idea was to make a dirt bike that was more accessible, kind of bridge between pedaling and buying a KTM. Well, this Motoped achieves something similar, just with pedals that, somewhat ironically, make it road legal. It mounts a 50-150cc Honda motor in what’s essentially a beefed up downhill mountain bike to offer the best of both worlds.

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Best of both worlds? Well, it is a less-capable dirt bike and a heavier bicycle, but think about real world use cases. With the engine switched off, you can take it down mountain bike trails and, with the engine switched on, you won’t have to pedal back up. The pedals mean the Motoped fits into some state’s moped legislation (in 50cc form) it can also be ridden on the road in some places without registration or insurance, just like a bicycle. Like M85, it also offers cyclists a familiar experience, meaning it’ll be easier for them to learn to ride. The complete package weighs just 115lbs ready-to-ride.

The Motoped is sold as a $1,295 kit, the chassis you see here. You need to add your own Honda or Lifan four-stroke engine and mountain bike components like wheels, brakes and suspension. It does come with a rear wheel hub designed to accommodate the rear sprocket.

Motoped via Death Spray

  • Sasha Pave

    That’s pretty awesome! If it’s quiet enough maybe some mountain bike trails would accommodate it.

    Nice simple chassis design.

  • dan

    I love it!

    • Wes Siler

      You would. As a bonus, we don’t even need to get the premix right to make sure I wouldn’t blow this one up.

  • noone1569

    Electric motor + this = full win.

    • Mr.Paynter


  • JonB

    Urban applications with pedals and tires? win.

    Otherwise why not just pedal uphill?

    • je

      Especially if you recharge the batteries when pedaling. I like this..

  • gregorbean

    It’s kind of funny and ironically awesome that something so cool and “new” is essentially a throwback to where motorcycles really came from in the first place. It’s just a tricked out and cushy version of this bad mammajamma:

  • noone1569

    Weird that the Kit come wish exhaust but no engine.

  • Devin

    115lbs is monstrous. Using this in its pedal powered version will not result in a good time.

    $1,300 bucks for a moped conversion sans bike and sans motor also strikes me as extravagantly expensive, but I don’t really know anything about mopeds or what they go for.

  • gregorbean

    On a totally different yet related note, you could always do the extravagantly expensive ultra hipster thing and get one of these for the street. They’re ONLY $3500 last I checked:

  • Richard

    Good to see that they are getting some free advertising. Its a cool concept. Too bad they’re all sold out….

  • Darren

    want want want

  • michael

    i want to make a 24″ version. having this would be great in los angeles.

  • mugget

    That’s pretty cool, but maybe expensive once you add all the other bits…

    But being able to ride back up to the top under motor-power would be awesome. A full day of downhill riding without having to stop early because you’re too knackered from the ride/walk back up!

  • skadamo

    Very cool. Here is another cool video of the bike…

  • Tim

    For a urban scoot yes, but why for a mountain bike? I used to race and there is no trail system ( unless it was private land) that would allow it for XC/ freeride use and would be way to heavy to downhill, pedaling this thing would be a pig.

    I don’t get it.

    FYI – Higher end mountain bikes are between $3500 – $7500.

  • david folch

    I want one (with taller frame and retro style seat-tank) with the 150cc !

  • Josh

    Cool idea. The price for a frame and shock isn’t at all out of line – if anything it’s on the cheap side.

    That said, the riding position looks all wrong to me – the bars are way too high, the seat too high and forward (and not adjustable)…