Nicky Hayden’s night before Christmas

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It was the night before Christmas and all through Ducati HQ, not a creature was stirring, except Nicky Hayden.

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  • Trev

    haha, Nicky rules. I would love to ride a monster, someday.

    • BeastIncarnate

      Be careful what you wish for, Trev. Just sayin’.

  • markbvt

    Cool… but the Yamaha videos are way funnier.

    • Case

      I thought the outtakes from this one were funniest part of all of them. I think the yamaha vids are lame. At least Hayden is actually, you know, looking at motorcycles.

  • gregorbean

    “hey neeeky, we weeer meeesing de staar”

  • zato1414

    It must suck to be Nicky! He probably does sneak around the factory like a kid in the candy store. Imagine seeing your picture on the wall of Ducati!!