Photo: police machine gun

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Snapped in 1918, likely during the final stages of World War I, the NYPD proudly displays a Colt-Browning machine gun mounted to an Indian Sidecar. It’s thought the police were equipped with so much firepower in response to fears that German agents could engage in sabotage within the city or to an early version of the Red Scare prompted by the Bolshevik Revolution the year before. Of course, the cops could simply be enforcing alternate-side parking restrictions.

Photo: GG Bain/Shorpy

  • noone1569

    American version of the Ural? LOL

  • markbvt

    That looks like it could have unfortunate results for the sidecar passenger in the event of sudden braking.

    If, you know, that contraption could actually brake suddenly.

  • slowtire

    Indian always offered cool options.

  • miles_prower

    The next time you’re a victim of a road-rage cager, a sidecar-mounted Browning could sound like a good idea.

  • dux

    Coming soon to a street-corner near you! Don’t you feel safer now?

  • Tim


  • Alex

    Group buy?