Photos: Marc Coma + KTM 450 Rally

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It’s amazing the unrealism that using a flash to shoot action at sunset can achieve. These photos of Marc Coma practicing for the Dakar in Spain aboard his KTM 450 Rally look like some sort of museum diorama, you know, the kind with a sabertooth tiger pouncing on a caveman in front of a painted backdrop full of wooly mammoths, just here with more bikes. Yes, yet another set of a Red Bull-sponsored rally bike (Is there anyone competing in the Dakar that’s not sponsored by Red Bull? Except of course Jonah Street.), but when the action is this epic, who cares?

  • motoguru

    I need an energy drink sponsor.

  • Sasha Pave

    Beautifully shot! Too bad Jonah is going to bring home the gold this year.

  • Cajun58

    Just like looking through the old View Master. I think Dakar just gives out prize money no medals and Robbie Gordon’s gonna win the Open Class too!

  • seanslides

    I wonder what Red Bull’s budget for video editors and film makers looks like.

  • gofaster

    Great pics!

  • Beale

    Go Jonah!

  • David

    That first picture is freaking marvelous.