Practicing for the longest snowmobile jump in history

Dailies -


On New Year’s Eve, Levi LaVallee will attempt to set a new distance record for a snowmobile jump, hopefully clearing a 300 foot water gap in San Diego. The attempt will be the headline act at “Red Bull: New Year. No Limits.” which last year saw Travis Pastrana manage only 269 feet in his rally car.

Photos: Garth Milan/Ian Fohrman/Christian Pondella/Red Bull Photofiles


  • seanslides

    Last years deal is long beach was about 95% hype. The jump was cool, but it reeked of trying too hard. Then again, it’s still better than spending that money on billboards or TV ads.

  • Core

    I think its pretty snazzy what RED Bull is doing.

  • Ray

    Ever see snow machines drag race on asphalt? Big contact patch, no wheelying. They put wheels on the front skids. More acceleration than anything out there. I seen it at Oxford Speedway in Maine, they run after motorcycles and consistently blow them away. By a lot.