Ruby’s Tron motorcycle helmet

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Maybe it’s because this helmet looks more like a Star Wars prop than it does a fat guy in a leotard or maybe it’s because our subconscious has simply succumbed to Disney’s Tron: Legacy marketing onslaught, but this Tron motorcycle helmet looks really cool. Where attempting to dress up like Tron Guy would normally bring howls of ridicule, the classic circuit board aesthetic really works here. Ruby is working on putting this helmet into limited production in time for the movie’s French premier in January.

Based on the carbon fiber and lambskin Ruby Pavillon, it’s not clear if this new helmet will be priced at the standard $700 or the $1,200+ of special editions like the Ruby Spongebob or Ruby/Karl Lagerfeld collaboration. Sales will be through Paris boutique Colette.

via Hypebeast

  • J Foley

    Or if thats not enough, you can go all out and buy one of these.

  • BeastIncarnate

    Resistance is futile. Wait, wrong geek reference… Ah, it’ll do.

  • je

    Anything done with a circuit board look is cool in my book. I’m not feeling the blue and white though. I’ll take mine in green and gold

    • Grant Ray

      Oh man, that would make way too many people’s heads explode from the sheer amount of awesome.

      • Case


  • Mark D

    That’s pretty neat, but not as a awesome as this.


    I saw the full 2012 Ruby Motorcycle helmet line located here, if anyone is interested: