Stop, Thieves!

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This new series of prints from Gianmarco Magnani portrays bikes that are missing crucial components like the wheels — apparently stolen — lending the series its title, “Thieves.” The bikes themselves are of-the-moment vintage race bikes or cafe racers complete with attention-to-detail that highlights custom parts, logos and authentic crash damage, illustrated in a style reminiscent of Manga. The prints are 17 x 17” and shockingly affordable for such neat work.

Silence TV

  • noone1569

    These are pretty neat. Too bad they aren’t offered in a discounted set because I’m cheap!

    • Case

      Forty bucks is a discount. I’m surprised you splashed out on the HFL subscription.

      • noone1569

        You click through and look, dude?

        4 x 41.60 = 166.40 = decent money for 4x prints.

        And, yeah I dropped two year sub here FYI.

        • Case

          I have a couple artist friends that try and earn a living selling original work and print runs. $40 is a good deal for a 17×17 print, even if it’s not limited-run. Unlike other art or prints, you’re not paying a whole lot over production costs here, is why I think it’s a good deal.

          • Marlon

            166.40 is pretty good for four cotton prints.

            I’m tempted to get one on stretched canvas. I’m not a fan of ducatis though. Hmm… Does that make me a wanker?

  • mugget

    Awesome. I love that guys work.

  • Lawrence

    I’d put them on my wall no problem