The rootinist, tootinist motorcycle boot camp in Texas

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Colin Edwards is nearing completion on his new Texas Tornado Boot Camp rider training facility. Equipped with a roofed 1/4-mile oval, mini MX track, mini TT track, shooting range and paintball course, the boot camp promises to take advanced training out of the classroom and actually make it fun. Fellow Team Texas member Ben Spies will also be instructing.

The Boot Camp is divided into two and four-day schools and is all-inclusive, accommodation will be provided in the Old West saloon being constructed on the property. Available bikes are Yamaha TTR 110, 125 and 230s and there’s no damage deposit on them or on the provided safety gear.

The ridiculously enormous pavilion you can see was created to house the 1/4 mile oval in a weather-proof, lighted structure that will allow the school to operate at night, when Texas temperatures are bearable and even help the school avoid rain delays.

In addition to riding bikes, shooting each other with paint balls and improving your marksmanship with the aid of Navy SEAL instructors, other Mancation-style activities like wake boarding, go kart racing, RC car racing and swimming will be available to pass the afternoon heat.

The Texas Tornado Boot Camp is located just north of Houston and 2011 dates kick off in March.

Texas Tornado Boot Camp

  • BeastIncarnate

    Looks awesome. I wish I had that kind of disposable income – $1250 for a 2 day course, $2250 for 4 day. Yow.

  • Nick

    I’d better hurry up and do this while I’m single.

  • Steve

    This is practically in my back yard! W/ food and no deposit that is also pretty cheap. Harder to come up with 4 free days than the money.

  • Case

    Wait I get to learn how to ride a motorcycle from elite level riders AND learn how to shoot guns from elite-level soldiers? Fuck. Yes.

    Is this a better value than the more-expensive, track-only CA Superbike School or the Skip Barber school? Not sure. Looks like fun though.

    • Brad

      Good question. I do know Edwards would be more fun to drink with then Code

      • gregorbean

        But with Keith Code you get to drink the magical Scientology Kool-Aid!

  • Cajun58

    Any pics of that new Yamaha TTR 150? This is like a dude ranch or the best little motorcycle boot camp in Texas.

  • T Diver

    I will do it if you can have paint ball wars on the bikes. You know, like Grand Theft Auto. (or Thunderdome!!!)

    • Nick

      I’m suggesting this to my friends next time we go dirt biking.

  • mugget

    Awesome. That is really epic… I don’t know what to think… I just wanna kiss that guy! Haha!!

    4 days of instruction with those variety and quality of facilities, that is something worth paying for. Back in June I did a one day course here that cost me about AUD$1,500 and I had to ride 1,000km the day prior to get myself there. (Much too knackered to ride close to my limit on the day.) But to be able to learn, practice, chill and just do it all over again – I’m very excited! Hopefully the Boot Camp keeps running for many many years to come!

  • Steve

    I am booked, deposit paid, for the 4 day in March. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    For maximum macho, I was already scheduled to run the Warrior Dash the weekend before this camp, and about 15 miles away from Edwards camp.

    • Wes Siler

      Oh man, so jealous.