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A bunch of people have been tipping us on this video, so we figured we’d better run it. Created with a text-to-movie generator, “This is My Scene” is a hilariously accurate send up of the tries-to-hard vintage motorcycle scene. Think of it as Hipsters vs “Real” Motorcyclists with audio.

This photo’s from Grant’s feature on the Brooklyn Invitational, which is really awesome.

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via Can’t Touch This Vintage Period Correctness

  • slowtire

    “I saw so much metalflake at the show, that I forgot what color mine was”
    “That way I get tough and period at the same time”

  • EdB

    Hilarious, but I assume you realise how lucky you are to have a hipster vintage bike scene to rip the shit out of.. there used to be at least, oh I think two other people, who rode cool cafe customs here in London which was just fabulous cocky but now everyone works in media and rides fixies.. or is in management and rides brand new bonnevilles, probably to The Ace and back, or works in advertising and obviously rides a 1200GS, to the nearest Touratech stockist…. I could go on, its sooo dull. Thank the Lord for HfL

    • pinkyracer

      true. as much as it’s fun to laugh at poseurs, I’m ecstatic to see more people riding in LA! And much better they start out on wimpy old bikes than 200hp rocketships. They’re likely to enjoy the fad a bit longer.

  • Case

    “It is pretty much the only bike that looks like every other bike in a magazine that hasn’t been in a magazine.”

    I want to print that, put it on a t-shirt, wear it to the next Commune bike night. And then take a bunch of pictures for LATFH.

    To be fair, there are always hot bishes. Respect.

  • Mark D

    This mostly a west coast thing? Hardly see any bobber
    and the like up in the Hub. Mostly stock, restored ujms are the hip bike du jour up here. But same shitty attitude from a solid 10% of attendees.

  • Nick

    the accuracy is stunning

    • Nick

      they even got the mustache!

  • gregorbean

    The baconator part made me laugh.

  • Jeremy

    everything about the blog is great, but the wrenching and jeans was the top

  • pinkyracer

    yeahhh. :-( I wannabe an East Side Moto Babe but they won’t let me unless I ride a vintage pile, even though I’ve been ridin’ since before some of their bikes were built, and living on the east side awhile too. But they let me come to their parties and flirt with their men, so it’s all good. My stock 2009 R1 is totally period correct. Except for the Givi top case.

  • Joel

    The sad part is that every group of riders (pirates, power rangers, UniversalJapaneseHipsters, Charlie and Ewan) are all lusting for a life they can only live on the weekends and an identity they can only attain with bolt on accessories and goodies from the S+M closet/KB toys/goodwill/Motorrad.

  • jeremy

    that was awesome.

  • pinkyracer

    Um, I think the guy in the video posted this CL ad:

    What kind of engineer buys Imperial tools for a Metric bike?!?!

  • Greg

    Thank you, for the genuine laugh out loud :D