Triumph Daytona 675R priced at $11,995

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According to a source affiliated with the company, the Triumph Daytona 675R has been priced at $11,995, just $1,496 more than the non-R triple. That price is something of a bargain, while the R is mechanically identical to the regular bike with the exception of suspension and brake components, purchasing those components separately would cost you at least $3,960.

That’s because the 675R doesn’t use the crappy OEM Ohlins equipment most manufacturers spec for the label, not the performance. The R adds an Ohlins TTX36 shock ($1,400), Ohlins NIX30 forks ($1,200 for the cartridge upgrade kit alone), Brembo Monoblock radial brake calipers ($999) and a 18mm Brembo radial master cylinder ($360).

All that upgrade sweetness is added to a bike that’s already the most unique, engaging model on offer in the supersport segment. The 675cc three-cylinder in the Daytona makes 124bhp and 53lb/ft and is just a ridiculous joy to use, combining the mid-range of a larger bike with the screaming top end of a 600. Its chassis also manages to combine an exotic, high-performance feel — tall, narrow, steep and stiff — with an accessible ease-of-use that rivals that of bikes like the CBR600RR. We’re completely in love with the stock 675, but now the R is giving us a serious case of bike lust.

How’s that for “poisonous”?

Complete specifications below, additions for the R model are noted in gray.


  • Beale

    “I’m satisfied with the bike I have, I’m satisfied with the bike I have, I’m satisfied with the bike I have, I’m satisfied with the bike I have, I’m satisfied with the bike I have”


  • Wes Siler

    Keep telling yourself that and it might work. Bikes like this are when Grant and I kick ourselves for sinking all our cash into HFL. Who needs a kick ass motorcycle magazine when you could have a kick ass motorcycle?

    • Mr.Paynter

      The rest of us!

  • seanslides

    That’s it. I’m officially looking for a way to sell my gsxr and buy one of these.

  • Your_Mom

    Okay – gotta’ figure out a way to get one of these. This is brilliant.

  • motoguru

    All of that awesome and STILL $1,000 less than an 848! I love you, Triumph!!!

  • BeastIncarnate

    Please say there will be a Street Triple like this. Street Triple RR?

    • Michael

      i second that

  • Hien

    Is this the swan song for the current 675?

    • Roman

      One has to think so. The model’s been out since 2006, right? Definitely a little long in the tooth by modertn sportbike standards, but what a way to go out!

  • incon

    The waiting list for it here (Australia, WA) is going on till almost mid next year now.

  • fasterfaster

    Why would anyone buy a japanese literbike when you can have this for the same price?

    • Grive

      Because 1000 is a full 325 more than 675. And the honda has a full extra R. Duh. What kinda question is that?

      Wait, what does that mean? Erm, nevermind. I’m sure it means better.

  • Devin

    My next bike won’t be another sportbike, but Triumph is really annoying me with their lack of dealer network as they have an enticing product range. I am not a fan of four hour drives to get to the nearest dealer, so they are pretty much off my radar.

    • Deltablues

      I understand your pain. The only Triumph dealer in Arkansas closed last February here in Little Rock. Now it is a long drive to Oklahoma or Texas. Fortunately, the Triumph techs all found jobs in Little Rock so service is available….just not warranty service unless that has recently changed.