Video: Denny Berg talks Honda RS750 customs

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Loving the Honda RS750 Scrambler and and Honda RS750 Tracker concepts as much as we are? Here, Cobra’s Denny Berg describes the inspiration and process that went into making both. It’s hard to believe two bikes this appealing started life as humble Honda Shadows.

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  • mugget

    Sweet. They do have a nice sound to them!

  • Bronson

    Cool vid. I’m digging the Tracker.

  • Case

    I love the scrambler. That thing is so damn cool.

  • contender

    They both looked awesome at the show, but in the flesh they really look strictly like styling exercises. The frame is visually dominating and both bikes look as heavy as they likely really are.

  • Jason

    I just don’t dig radiators hung on as an afterthought. I know they come that way from the factory. The V-ROD at least tried to dress it up a bit.

  • william

    harley needs to build a true american gravel road adventure bike…..sportster with old school scrambler styling.